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Vietnam women’s team score chase against Myanmar

23 Jul 2022 | 17:14 | News

After a 4-0 loss to Myanmar in the group stage a few days later, the Vietnamese women’s team faced a tough game when they gave their opponents the lead in the ninth minute. Myanmar No. 8 star San Thaw Thaw needed two shots to beat goalkeeper Khong Thi Hang.

The Vietnamese women’s team pulled a game back, and then captain Huang Rumei scored twice in the 23rd and 39th minutes, and then counterattacked one after another. Among them, Huang Yu’s goal extended the score to 2-1, and the class spirit on the edge of the penalty area. This is just the beginning of the match at the Rizal Memorial Stadium.

In the 56th minute, San Thaw Thaw brought the game back to the starting line with some luck. The Myanmar player’s cross and dribbling hit the post to the right position of No. 8 and did not miss a good opportunity.

In the second half, the Vietnamese women’s team relentlessly scored the Myanmar goal, but had to wait until the 80th minute to score. Huynh Nhu seized the opportunity after a goalkeeper error to create the goal for Fan Haiyan (No. 12).

Leading 3-2, the Vietnamese women’s team suddenly lost their minds and allowed the opponent to tie the score in just 3 minutes. In the 83rd minute, the goalkeeper replaced Tran Thi Kim Thanh and caught the ball in a non-hazardous situation, creating a scoring opportunity for Lin Minmo.

In the last few minutes, the Vietnamese women’s team showed a noticeable physical decline. Burmese can easily split into armpits and perform annoying hanging lines.

One of them brings a fourth goal for Myanmar women. In the high ball, Kim Thanh’s poor handling allowed the ball to hit the crossbar and San Thaw Thaw scored to cap off an impressive day with a hat-trick for Myanmar’s 4-3 victory.


Photo: PFF