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Vietnam women’s team drops bronze to Myanmar

20 Jul 2022 | 16:58 | News

At the beginning of the game, the Vietnamese women’s team actively held the ball to put pressure on their opponents. However, in the 10th minute, when the Vietnamese women’s team staggered in front of the goal, the ball accidentally hit our defender and rolled to the opponent’s feet. Although the goalkeeper saved the first goal, the Myanmar player headed the ball into the net.

After the early defeat, the Vietnamese women’s team fought hard to attack. In the 25th minute, the Vietnamese women’s team captain Huang Yu equalized the score and brought the game back to the starting line.

With a goal to boost morale, the Vietnamese women’s team kept pressing the opponent’s goal, looking for a goal to widen the gap.

Captain Huynh Nhu (No. 9) impressed with 2 goals in the first half. Photo: VFF

In the 41st minute, it was still the captain Huynh Nhu, this time it was a single stage, and it ended beautifully. The tentative score is 2-1, and the Vietnamese women’s team won. This is also the score of the first half.

Into the second half, despite taking the lead, Huang Ru and his teammates continued to put pressure on the opponent’s goal.

Myanmar players came on and tied the game 2-2. Photo: VFF

The corner kick of the Myanmar women’s team was still a mess, and the Vietnamese women’s team made the opponent 2-2.

With the two teams continuing to face off against each other, the match between the Vietnamese women’s team and the Myanmar women’s team was very dramatic. Although it was pouring rain, the Vietnamese women’s team’s style of play was still very firm.

Huynh Nhu and his teammates did their best in the rain. picture:

In the 82nd minute, Vietnam Tel took the lead with the goal of striker Haiyan. But just a minute later, Myanmar also found a 3-3 equalizer. The situation was due to goalkeeper Kim Thanh not receiving the ball well after the closing stage of the opposing forwards, so Pyae Maung levelled with a puck despite blocking Hoang Thi Loan and Kim Thanh.

Next, in the 88th minute, No. 8 San Thaw Thaw scored quickly after the ball hit the crossbar to make it 4-3.

This is also a rare time for Myanmar to beat the Vietnamese women’s team. Photo: VFF

The final score was 4-3, and the Myanmar women’s team won. The Vietnamese women’s team looked sadly at their opponents who won the bronze medal in the 2022 AFC Women’s Cup.

Jin Qing