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Viet Nam women’s team tops 2022 AFC Cup with strong victory over Laos

11 Jul 2022 | 16:32 | News

Chuong Thi Kieu and the Vietnamese women’s team completely overwhelmed their Lao colleagues

Facing the Lao women’s team, although Mr. Mai Dezhong’s students kept besieging and attacking their opponents for most of the first half, they also kept up with the rhythm, but still failed to score.

After the forward duo Huang Ru-Haiyan was brought on the field, the defending champion’s offensive efficiency improved rapidly.

On the bench, Huang Yu scored two goals against the Lao women’s team

Two goals from Huynh Nhu and Hai Yen helped the Vietnamese women beat the Lao girls 5-0. This result allowed the teacher and coach Mai Dezhong to score 6 points after 2 games and not concede a goal.

It is the same as Myanmar with 6 points, but the Vietnamese women’s team is temporarily ranked second in Group B due to inferior sub-indices.

In the third game on July 11, coach Mai Dezhong’s army will face East Timor. This is the defending champion’s chance for more victories, close to a ticket to the 2022 AFC Cup semi-final.

Tuong Phuoc – Photo: VFF