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Victory over Malaysia, Vietnam U19s reach finals of 2022 International U19 Championships

12 Aug 2022 | 17:48 | News

    Coach Park Heung-seo (red shirt)

Coach Park Heung-seo (red shirt)

    Coach Kong Wujun

Coach Kong Wujun

The match is part of the second round of the 2022 Youth International U19 Championship, which will be held at the Go Dau Stadium in Binh Duong province on the evening of July 8.

Accompanied by Coach Park Hengrui, Coach Kong Wujun and the Vietnamese assistant coaching team in the stands of the High Road Stadium, the Vietnamese U19 team is full of confidence in the rematch of the Malaysian U19. But coach Dinh The Nam’s army suddenly took the lead in the 5th minute due to a defensive error.

After revitalizing their spirits and catching up with the game, the home team continued to deploy various attacks to equalize the score.

Quoc Viet’s dangerous free kick on the left flank rolled into the high corner and bounced back from the Malaysia U19 goal. Immediately after the 28th minute, defender Nguyen Duc Anh hit the ball to equalize the score for Vietnam U19.

After the equaliser, head coach Dinh The Nam’s students played brilliantly, threatening defending champions Southeast Asia U19’s goal but stuck in the scoring stage. Thinking the game would end in a draw, Phuc Thinh’s breakthrough at 16:50 drew a foul.

In the penalty shootout, captain Khuat Van Khang scored a 2-1 victory for Vietnam U19s.

In the post-match press conference, Malaysia U19 coach Dali Bin Wahid commented: “We took the lead, but we lost at the last minute. I accept the result and don’t complain about the professionalism of the referee. Vietnam. We There are more players and we have time to recover better, and we had a tough match against Thailand in round 1. All the players in Vietnam U19 impressed and deserved to win. Victory.”

Meanwhile, head coach Ding Nan said: “I am not satisfied with the defensive situation that led to the goal at the beginning of the game. I have repeatedly warned the players about the fast and effective counter-attack style of the Malaysia U19. They have a strong point of counter-attack speed, so we have to Possession, no mistakes. In the second half I adjusted the team and pushed up the attacking formation to defend from distance, which helped. Defense.”

The Vietnam U19 head coach also affirmed that the striker Guo Yue was only tense and not injured, and hoped that his students would recover quickly and continue to test the team to prepare for the 2023 Asian U20 qualifiers.

“A lot of things need to be improved in the whole team, the defensive system is not good, but the offense is in full swing, and according to the coaching staff’s intention, there are still 3 players with minor injuries. Thailand has 9 positions compared to the Southeast Asian Championship. They Mainly experimental, but still a team with good expertise in the region, the encounter with Thailand is also an opportunity for young Vietnamese players to improve their competitive mentality.” – Mr Dinh The Nam added.

Tuong Phuoc – Photo: Kha Hoa, Editing: FPT