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Upstream beats Malaysia U19, Vietnam U19 enters final of International U19 Championship

07 Aug 2022 | 17:37 | News

U19 Vietnam entered the U19 Malaysia rematch with a direct lesson from the U19 Southeast Asia semi-final defeat. However, coach Ding Nan’s team still made defensive mistakes, creating conditions for the opponent’s use.

In the 5th minute, Fan Ping’s net was shaken. Thanh Dat intercepted the ball and sent it straight to Bin Mohamad. The Malaysian U19 striker hit the opponent’s net with a clean shot.

Video: U19 Vietnam 2-1 U19 Malaysia

U19 Vietnam War, although holding more balls, but playing deadlock. Meanwhile, the Malaysian U19s continued to dribble and make waves in Fan Ping’s goal. Nicknamed the “Tigers”, the team created as many as three scoring chances in the first 20 minutes but failed to seize them.

U19 Vietnam only pulled one game back in the second half. In the 28th minute, Guoyue took a beautiful free kick that went above the crossbar. Duc Anh was in the right position and headed into the Malaysia U19 net. The race was back on the starting line.

The U19 Vietnam team played better in the rotation of Van Khang, Van Truong and Thanh An, but lacked pace in the closing stages, resulting in a draw in the first half.

The U19 Vietnam team equalized the score.

The U19 Vietnam team accelerated and put a lot of pressure in the second half. In the 48th minute, Guoyue made a clearance just to allow Fan Kang to complete the second line, but the ball did not hit the goal. 2 minutes later, Guoyue pressed the ball to Fan Chang again, but the header stage near the wall was inaccurate.

The pressure from U19 Vietnam finally made Malaysia U19’s defense go wrong. In the 90th and 2nd minutes, Phuc Thinh took a penalty kick with clever speed to force a foul.

From 11 meters, Fan Kang beat the Malaysian U19 goalkeeper with a dangerous shot to seal a 2-1 victory for Vietnam U19s.

6 points from 3 games, 5 points more than Malaysia U19, Vietnam U19 will definitely be in the U19 international final regardless of the result against Thailand U19 in the final leg as teacher and coach Dinh The Nam will be in one of the two leading positions .

Overall result: U19 Vietnam 2-1 U19 Malaysia (Bin Mohamad 5′, Duc Anh 28′, Van Khang 90’+2)

Hong Nan