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U23 Vietnam was tied by the Philippines

09 May 2022 | 14:57 | News

SEA Games highlights: U23 Vietnam 0-0 Philippines The students of Coach Park Hengrui are on the field in the second round of the Men’s Football Group A of the 31st SEA Games.

U23 Vietnam created an overwhelming advantage in the 2nd half against the Philippines, finishing in a row with some chances but failing to score. The moment the Filipino U23 players fell to the ground to celebrate at the end of the game showed how hard and happy they were to host the U23 Vietnam game.

After two rounds of the men’s football group stage of the 31st SEA Games, the U23 Vietnam team and the Philippines team both scored 4 points. The Philippines has an even bigger difference in goal difference (+4) and thus continues to be at the top of Group A.

Tien Linh and his teammates are helpless against the U23 Philippines. Photo: Y Kien.

The U23 Vietnam team rests in the next round before meeting Myanmar at 19:00 on May 13.

Coach Park Hengrui adjusted the position of Vietnam’s U23 starting lineup, with Tian Ling, Cong Deng, Tuan Tai and Meng Yong as the main kickers. Ly Cong Hoang Anh was on the bench, so the midfielder’s injury in the opening game was not as serious as feared.

The U23 Vietnam team easily equalized the score after the opening whistle, while the Philippines team actively chose to defend and counterattack. The visiting team assembled a large number of players to defend the middle. Therefore, the Vietnam U23 must attack on the wing or take advantage of the shooting situation to “unlock” the game.

In the first half, the most dangerous ball for Vietnam’s U23s was the situation in which Fan Doo took a free kick out of the post in the 29th minute. Cong Deng, Huang De, and Meng Yong shot consecutive long-range shots, but they were all “out of sight”.

In the second half, the U23 Vietnam War attacked faster. Tien Linh had at least 3 chances but all missed. Especially the most regrettable moment was when Fan Xuan passed Tianling to shoot, but the striker of Binh Duong Club hit the ball out of the post.

The U23 Vietnam team had more ball possession in the second half, but the game was not much different from the first 45 minutes. Still the U23’s overwhelming Vietnam War, but Coach Park’s students didn’t create a lot of razor-sharp offensive fit.

Coach Park’s teachers and students worked hard, until the last attack of the game, they were helpless. Coach Park entered the yard of Hai Long and Fan Dong but failed to turn things around for the Vietnam U23.

The situation after the second match of Group A. Graphics: Ming Fu.

17:35 08/05

Philippines play music during practice match before U23 match with Vietnam

Philippines play music during practice match before U23 match with Vietnam After the 4-0 victory over East Timor, on the afternoon of May 7, the Philippine U23 players headed to the training ground with joy and excitement to prepare for the home team Vietnam U23 game.

17:36 08/05

Philippines U23 captain stops warm-up during practice

17:42 08/05

Philippines U23 captain: ‘We’re not as easy to play as Indonesia’

U23 midfielder Stephen Schrock from the Philippines said he and his teammates will not face U23 Vietnam at the 31st Southeast Asian Games on May 8, as Indonesia did.

“We got off to a good start against Timor-Leste U23s, although the pre-match preparation process was not easy. That would certainly impress a lot of people. The next game came after a day off, but my teammates and I We are still ready for a game with Vietnam U23s to help a little,” replied Stephan Schrock. green At the practice meeting on the afternoon of July 5. picture: medical condition.

17:43 08/05

BLV Quang Huy: ‘U23 Philippines is not as strong as Indonesia’

Senior commentator Wu Guanghui believes that in the second match of the men’s football team in Group A of the 31st SEA Games on the evening of May 7, Vietnam U23 will continue to win against the Philippines: “Personally, I don’t think U23 Philippines is as strong as Indonesia U23. Indonesia is already our strongest opponent. It can be seen that the Philippines still has a big problem in terms of strength. They also have to use veteran Stephan Schrock to qualify. Your team has only registered 2 players. 3 where the rules allow.” Image: medical condition.

18:22 08/05

Fans cheer for U23 Vietnam

The Viet Trin Stadium will continue to be full during the U23 Vietnam-Philippines game. Many fans came to the stadium early to secure seats. picture: Y Keane.

18:23 08/05

Atmosphere in the yard

Fans prepare to watch the second match of Teacher Park and students from Group B of the Men’s Football Team of the 31st SEA Games. Y Keane.

18:27 08/05

Emergency preparation before U23 Vietnam match

Immediately after the match between East Timor and Myanmar, just before the U23 Vietnam team played against the Philippines, the mowing and rolling department was mobilized to rectify the Phu Shou field. picture: Guangxing.

18:29 08/05

U23 Vietnam team starting lineup

U23 Vietnam XI: Van Toan, Van Do, Viet Anh, Thanh Binh, Tien Long, Tuan Tai, Hung Dung, Hoang Duc, Cong Den, Manh Dung, Tien Linh.

Tianlong, Tuantai, Cong Deng and Meng Yong are Coach Park who has adjusted the main kicking position compared to the last game. Graphics: Ming Fu.

18:33 08/05

Vietnam U23 players warm up

picture: Guangxing.

18:40 08/05

U23 Philippines ready to play

picture: Y Keane.

19:00 08/05

Game start

The U23 Vietnam team serves first, starting from the left field.

19:04 08/05

U23 Vietnam takes the initiative to participate

Coach Park’s teachers and students quickly imposed the game on the Philippine arena. U23 Vietnam is deploying many short coordinated roads in the middle of the road. picture: Guangxing.

19:07 08/05

The team lost too much

In the 7th minute, Huang De accurately blew the ball to let Tuantai attack, but Le Wenxuan’s substitute failed to control this game, which led to a waste of Vietnam U23 attack. picture: Guangxing.

19:09 08/05

come to the end

In the 9th minute, Cong Tao shot from nearly 20 meters and the ball went over the crossbar.

19:11 08/05

Opportunities in the Philippines

In the 11th minute, Bedic had room for a header, but the shooting angle was narrow, and goalkeeper Van Toan’s attack was not difficult.

19:12 08/05

Rain fans watch U23 Vietnam

The smooth surface of the Viet Tri made the small rebound situation difficult for the U23 Vietnam. picture: Y Keane.

19:15 08/05

Cong missed opportunity

After the Philippines U23 teamed up with Vietnam U23 in the 14th minute, the defense was chaotic. Tuan Tai broke into the penalty area from the left and received the ball and passed it back to Cong Tao. However, Cong Tao’s buffer shot put the ball over the bar.

19:18 08/05

More opportunities for U23 Vietnam

After the Vietnam U23 team placed a free kick in the 17th minute, Nam Meng Yong scored with a header. The Vietnamese forward chose the correct position to fall, but the shot position was not good, causing the header to hit the ball on the wrong track.

19:26 08/05

Manh Dung hits the crossbar

The forward wearing the No. 17 jersey had more shooting space in the 25th minute. This time, he swung his foot in front of the penalty area, accompanied by Meng Yong, and could not make a difference.

19:27 08/05

half time

U23 Vietnam has excellent ball control. The Philippines also actively lowered the lineup to play defensive counterattacks. The U23 Vietnam had more and more chances, but it didn’t open until the 28th minute. picture: Guangxing.

19:30 08/05

Fando almost made up for it

In the 29th minute, Fando took a free kick from more than 20 meters away. The ball made the Philippines U23 goalkeeper unable to react in time and almost missed the post.

19:34 08/05

Fando continues to take free kicks

Tian Ling took another free kick for the Vietnam U23 team in the 32nd minute. This time, the angle of the shot was unfavorable. In the 33rd minute, Fanduo’s shot put the ball above the crossbar. picture: Y Keane.

19:39 08/05

Huang De shoots

In the 39th minute, Huang De cut his heart and put the ball above the crossbar.

The Philippines U23s are well-organized in defense, so the solution for the Vietnam U23s is to take the initiative to shoot long distances. This is Huang De’s first attempt in this game. picture: Y Keane.

19:46 08/05

End of the first half

U23 Vietnam 0-0 Philippines.

19:50 08/05

Coach Park, teachers and students have difficulties

In the 45th minute, Vietnam U23 took control of the ball and completed consecutively but did not create a real clear scoring situation. The U23 Vietnam team’s best chance in the first half came when Fan Do took a free kick in the 29th minute.

The Philippines U23 played actively, and the team fought back against the U23 Vietnam. The visiting team used a large number of players to close the attacking space of Vietnam U23.

The solution for Teacher Park and the students was to shoot from a distance. In the first half, Manh Dung, Cong De and Hoang Duc took turns to complete shots from long distances in front of the penalty area, but there was no chance to score.

20:01 08/05

The game is back

Coach Park invited Le Wenxuan to replace Tuantai. Ly Cong Hoang Anh replaced Cong To.

20:08 08/05

No U23 Vietnam table yet

In the 51st minute, Thanh Binh headed in from Hoang Duc’s cross, but the ball went to the correct position of the Philippine goalkeeper.

20:09 08/05

U23 Vietnam steps up pressure

Coach Park’s students accelerated their attacking speed at the beginning of the second half. The Philippines U23 gathered a large number of players in the midfield, so the Vietnam U23 must actively find ways to attack the flanks. picture: Guangxing.

20:16 08/05

Miss Tian Ling

In the 59th minute, Huang De, Hong Yong, and Tian Ling created a quick counterattack by Vietnam U23. Tian Ling completed the last ball, but the ball hit the Philippine player and was eliminated.

20:17 08/05

U23 Vietnam has many substitutions

Coach Park replaced Manh Dung with Van Tung from the 62nd minute. photo: Guangxing.

20:20 08/05

Philippines U23 Substitution

In the 64th minute, left-back Zoro went off to make way for Reyes.

20:26 08/05

Tianling finally went bankrupt

In the 70th minute, Hung Dung conceded the ball for Tien Linh to finish, but the final stage was incorrect. This is a situation where Tianling is blown offside, so the goal will not be conceded. picture: Y Keane.

20:32 08/05

Tianlong’s accident

In the 75th minute, Vietnam U23 center defender Wu Tianlong shot from more than 25 meters away. The ball went tight, but missed the post.

20:32 08/05

Honden leaves the field

Coach Park brought Hailong on the field to replace Hong Yong. The armband of the U23 Vietnam captain was returned to Tien Linh.

20:37 08/05

Tianling lost again

In the 81st minute, after Fan Xuan passed the ball from the right, Tianling completed a touch, and this time Tianling’s shot missed the ball.

20:47 08/05

5 minutes extra time for U23 Vietnam

Coach Park’s teachers and students are advancing the team’s goal of finding an opening.

20:51 08/05

time out

U23 Vietnam 0-0 Philippines.

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