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U23 Vietnam blocked by Philippines: Disappointed but…good!

13 May 2022 | 15:08 | News

With a victory over the Philippines U23, Park Heng-seo’s students will open the door to the men’s football semi-final. Sea Games 31.

U23 Vietnam team tried every way to score against Philippines but failed

However, as the visiting team said, they will make it difficult for the home team.And in fact, despite dominating the game and playing overwhelmingly, U23 Vietnam Still lacks the sharpness most needed in the final stage: the target.

The rain affected the pitch, but that was a common scene for both teams, and the Vietnamese striker’s helplessness in front of the opponent’s goal was not the reason for that.

Big cheers from the 12th player

The red shirts were delighted with a 3-0 victory over the Indonesian U23s, an opponent we have a great history of confrontation in this age group. A smooth exit helped boost the morale of the Red Boys, but the Philippines was a different opponent, a European one.

Ahead of the Vietnam match, the Filipinos also took a 4-0 victory over Timor Lester as a psycho-doping risk, as the home game was determined to be the toughest of the group stage.

And, the result of today’s Vietnam team’s game will also determine their chances of winning the semi-finals. Therefore, as the Philippines U23 captain told the national media, the team has a very high determination.

Tianling who can’t enter the other party’s network is disappointed

At the same time, for the Philippines, Coach Park Hyung-seo Indonesia’s starting lineup has been adjusted 3 times for different reasons. And in a tug-of-war that failed to create a goal, he kept making artificial adjustments after the break.

However, the goal that all Vietnamese players were looking for, and we all looked forward to, did not come. With a 0-0 draw with the Philippines, Vietnam is still temporarily ranked 2nd after 2 games, but with the remaining 2 opponents of Mr. Park Hengrui and his students are Myanmar and Timor Lester, the chance of getting tickets to continue is very good. high.

It will be more interesting if the U23 Vietnam team wins the Philippines and opens the semi-finals. But stop in front of the opponent today, put us on the ground and let the players understand that the road to glory is never easy.

The U23 Vietnam team won the 2019 Southeast Asian Games in due course with the ninth generation, and the task of successfully defending their gold medal at this year’s Olympics is all but three of their seniors – captains Do Hung Dung, Tien Linh and Huang Duc.

They need to have their ups and downs and stumbles outside of the group stage as they believe coach Park Heng Swee is skilled enough to lead the U23 Vietnam team to go further and better.

Coach Park Hengrui is very clear that defending the gold medal in the SEA Games is very difficult when opponents such as Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia want to win!

Believe, since this is only the second round, the U23 Vietnam team will still face Myanmar and Timorese, possibly Thailand or Malaysia, before the fierce battle.

The title will be awarded to the worthy, those who persevere and struggle, and add a little luck to it as a reward. Don’t forget, the Thais just lost to Malaysia.

But the competition has not yet reached the most intense level, let Teacher Park and his students work together to make the next steps more solid…

Highlights U23 Vietnam 0-0 U23 Philippines:

Mai Nguyen