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U23 Asia 2022 Result: Japan U23 wins UAE U23

06 Jun 2022 | 16:07 | News


Although the rating is higher than the UAE U23, the Japanese U23 did not perform well. They opened the scoring in the second half due to an error by the opposing defender, but they were soon leveled 1-1.

U23 Japan beat U23 UAE (Photo: AFC).

In the 73rd minute, the UAE U23 took a penalty kick, but Abdullah Idris shot wide. Just 3 minutes later, Japan U23 scored after Hosoya’s header to make it 2-1. It was also the last goal of the game.



U23 Japan is more popular than U23 UAE (Photo: AFC).


The lineup of both teams.



Some pre-match photos (Photo: AFC).


Games start! ! ! Japan U23s serve first.


3′: The Japanese U23 and the United Arab Emirates U23 are very determined to enter the game, and the dispute in the middle is very fierce. Japan’s U23s are more appreciated, but the team doesn’t really dominate the representative game in West Asia.

Photo: AFC.


8′: Fan Come! Uchino fouls Saeed Al Kaabi, UAE U23 wins the free kick in midfield. The two teams were still fighting in a tug-of-war, and the dispute was fierce.


9′: Corner! ! ! The United Arab Emirates U23 attacked a corner kick from the right wing. The West Asia team cooperated well with a free kick, but Abdullah Barush’s shot was over the bar.


15′: No penalty! ! ! Abdullah Abdulrahman entered the penalty area, but was chased by Chase and fell in the penalty area, but the referee determined that it was not Chase’s fault, and the UAE U23 did not award a penalty.


18′: U23 Japan is more valued, but faces many difficulties before the UAE U23 close combat and high pressure pressing.

(Photo: AFC).


21′: Do not enter! ! ! U23 Japan’s right attacking corner kick, Hositani bounced the header high, but the ball missed the target.


24′: Corner! ! ! Japan U23s continued to enjoy right-wing corner kicks in the attacking direction, but the UAE U23s again played well in defense and managed to level the ball.


29′: Gold Card! ! ! Saito is shown a yellow card for a foul.


36′: No! The Japanese U23 counterattacked quickly, but Saito didn’t control the ball well, was cut by the opponent, and missed the opportunity to take the dangerous ball.


39′: Shocked! ! ! Yamada shot from outside the box but goalkeeper Sohail Abdullah saved it.


43′: The match between Japan U23s and UAE U23s was not as appealing as imagined, with both teams playing too aggressively to organize a dangerous attack.

(Photo: AFC).


45+1′: Time 1 is over! ! ! Japan U23 and UAE U23 battled 0-0.


Time 2 starts! ! ! U23 UAE serve.


49′: No! The Japanese U23 left wing quickly got the ball, Kato Yokonobu, but the player’s pass was too strong and his teammates couldn’t keep up.


55′: The match between the U23 Japan team and the U23 UAE team was still not very attractive. The two teams kept making bad passes and couldn’t organize water polo.

(Photo: AFC).


60′: No! U23 UAE ttoor organized an attack in the middle, Arthur Albrosi broke into the penalty area and made a cross, but failed to break the defense of the Japanese U23 side.


61′: input input!!! The UAE U23 defense made a mistake, and Suzuki got a chance in the penalty area. The player skillfully scored the first goal for the Japan U23.

(Photo: AFC).


63′: Come in! ! ! The UAE U23 organized an attack in the middle. The defense of Japan U23 did not really use Arthur Albrosi to block the net fiercely. Player No. 11 avoided a small angle shot to equalize the score for the UAE U23.

(Photo: AFC).


70′: Corner! ! ! U23 Japan has the right to take a corner kick in the attacking direction on the left wing, but the team that cooperated with the free kick did not perform well and did not cause difficulties for the goal of the UAE U23.


71′: Penalty! ! ! Chase touched the ball in the penalty area, and the UAE U23 awarded a penalty kick.


73′: Don’t enter! ! ! Abdulla Idrees was given responsibility for taking the 11m free-kick, but the player in the No. 2 shirt couldn’t beat Japan’s U23 goalkeeper Suzuki.


76′: Come in! ! ! Hosoya headed in from an infield cross, Japan U23 2-1.

Photo: AFC.


84′: After losing the ball, the UAE U23 was trying to improve the lineup to find an equalizer, but the team’s uphill was easily resolved by the Japanese U23 defensive system.


88′: Corner! The UAE U23 enjoyed a corner kick on the right, but this team’s stop was too strong, so the Japanese U23’s defense was successfully suppressed.


90′: Lost time! ! ! There was 6 minutes of stoppage time in the second half.


90+1′: Do not enter! ! ! Fujio had a good chance to grab the ball in the UAE U23 box, but the player fired the ball into the crossbar.


90+6′: Timeout! ! ! Japan U23 defeated UAE U23 2-1.

Yan Huang/VOV.VN