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U11 Phu My and U13 Ba Ria win 2022 BRT Cup

21 Jul 2022 | 17:07 | News

Mr. Chen Wenduan, vice chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee, and Ms. Chen Yudan, director of the Provincial Radio and Television Station, presented the Champions Cup to the U13.

On the afternoon of July 17, Texas Stadium. Phu My hosts the third prize and champion of the 3rd BRT TV Cup Youth Football Championship in 2022.

Mr. Cao Wenchong, vice chairman of the Vietnam Football Association and head coach of the Vietnam U23 team, attended the final and the closing ceremony to present the award for the 2022 BRT Cup.

Mr. Chen Wenduan, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee, and Ms. Chen Yudan, Director of the Provincial Radio and Television Station, presented the Champions Cup to the U11 Phu My Team.

U11 age group final, home team TX. Phu My faces U11 Ba Ria. Amid the warm cheers of the home audience, the “portable” players who were more appreciative and playful entered the game with confidence.

No. 7 Truong Minh Tu and his teammates actively held the ball, organized continuous attacks, and attacked the opponent’s goal. Meanwhile, U11 Barea chose to defend and counterattack. It can be said that the away team from Badia played a tough game. They keep blocking the opponent’s siege waves. However, Phu Mei found the “key” to the Bardia goal. No one else but Minh Tu – the most admired player on the team, who took advantage of the chaos to score the opener.

Phu My U11 players beat U11 Ba Ria brilliantly.

After the opening, the “Port Country” team played a lot easier. At the same time, the “Green Dragon Warriors” of Badia, despite their efforts, failed to tie the game. Not only that, the upgrade of the lineup exposed their loopholes, and the Fumei players did not miss the opportunity to get the second goal, which is also the final result of the game. With this victory, U11 Fumei became the new king of the BRT Cup.

Lost in the U11 age group, but the Badia football fans were “compensated” for winning the U13 age group title.

Ba Ria U13 players celebrate a goal in the final against U13 Chau Duc.

In the final of this age group, the Badiya players performed well against the strong Zhou De. They have good possession of the ball and constantly “bomb” the opponent’s goal in a variety of attacking ways. The U13’s Barea scored with a beautiful long-range shot. U13 Ba Ria played better, scoring another goal towards the end to make it 2-0. As for Chau Duc, they continue to “miss” the championship crown.

So there are new champions in both the U11 and U13 Cup BRT age groups. This shows the unified development of football across the province.

Vietnam U23 coach Gong Ou Kwan attended the final and signed autographs for fans.

Before that, the competition for the third prize was equally exciting. As a result, U13 Phu My defeated U13 Long Dien and U11 Vung Tau defeated U11 Long Dien to claim the bronze medal in the 2022 BRT Cup.

Articles and photos: Fu Xuan