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The U19 Vietnam team is excited to practice training and await the match against Indonesia

30 Jun 2022 | 16:05 | News

The U19 Vietnam team had their first training session in Jakarta on the afternoon of June 29. The teachers and students of coach Dinh The Nam arranged an auxiliary yard next to the famous Bung Karno Stadium, which is only about 7 kilometers away from the hotel team, and it takes about 25 minutes by car.

Although it was just an easy training to release inertia, the team members put in great effort and showed the highest concentration.

Instructor Dinh The Nam mainly asks students to exercise after more than a day without practice to bring the body back into balance.

This exercise is performed by the physics assistant Cao Cong. At the end of training, coach Dinh The Nam divided the team into different groups to play at half time.Vietnam U19’s first training camp lasted more than an hour

Although the move was tiring, the weather was cool, so the team’s training took place in a comfortable atmosphere, while also executing all the lessons planned by the BHL.

Coach Dinh The Nam spent 5 minutes reminding all the players of their training spirit and lifestyle.

Dinh The Nam stressed that players must raise awareness during training to ensure they are ready for the game. Living activities must also comply with regulations to ensure optimal health and prevent Covid-19 infection.

Regarding the Covid-19 testing of the players, on the afternoon of June 29, the organizer conducted a rapid test on 37 Vietnamese U19 players, and the results were all negative.

Players train hard to prepare for first game

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The U19 Vietnam’s first match against Indonesia will be played on July 2.

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