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The humiliation at El Clasico shows that Real doesn’t just need Mbappe

22 Mar 2022 | 10:56 | Football

 The defeat in El Clasico clearly shows a very bad Real Madrid at home.

Video Ancelotti talks about defeat at El Clasico

“Where is Lionel Messi?”  – Real Madrid fans cheered wildly outside the Santiago Bernabeu, before heading into the Clasico on Sunday with great anticipation. However, before the strength of Barca, Real was broken at home. Losing 0-4 at the Bernabeu was an insult to Los Blancos.

Real fans have to wonder if Karim Benzema wasn’t injured, would things be different? The virtual 9 system with Luka Modric was a mistake, as Carlo Ancelotti admitted after the game. Real not only lost in terms of tactical arrangements, but they were also inferior to Barca in terms of personnel. Compared to the energetic young stars who are in high form on the Barca side, the older names at Real do not show that they are enthusiastic enough.
The humiliation at El Clasico shows that Real doesn't just need Mbappe - Football

 Real weak in El Clasico.

Midfielders Fede Valverde and Eduardo Camavinga need to be given more opportunities, while a 36-year-old Modric, no matter how excellent, can’t plow forever. Benzema enters the age of 34 still in the best form, but it would not be surprising if he declines in form in the near future.

Dani Carvajal, the 30-year-old right-back, has long been a big deal for the club. Meanwhile, Lucas Vazquez is still just a hand at right-back. Selling Achraf Hakimi to Inter in 2020 looks like a serious mistake and Real will have to correct that this summer.

Speaking of which, Real all have problems related to personnel at all 3 lines. Therefore, despite the news that Kylian Mbappe arrived at the Bernabeu, which will become a big hit for Real, the Royal team also needs to spend money to refurbish other positions. Mbappe is excellent, but he alone is not enough to solve all the outstanding problems at Real.
The humiliation at El Clasico shows that Real doesn't just need Mbappe - Football

 Mbappe cannot solve the problems at Real.

It will not be wrong to say that Real is still capable of winning La Liga after the recent humiliating defeat. They can even dream of the Champions League because of the individual moments created by the star in the team, which has shown before PSG. 

However, if Real does not conduct a personnel purge, this season’s results will only be a short-term sweet fruit. It seems that Real needs to focus on a more thorough plan to refresh the squad, instead of focusing forever on flashy stars like Mbappe.