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Tears of pride as Vietnam’s women’s team waved flag to celebrate gold at 31st SEA Games

21 May 2022 | 15:29 | News

On the evening of May 21, the Vietnamese team won the gold medal in the women’s football final of the 31st Southeast Asian Games at the Kim Pha Stadium in Quang Ninh. (Photo: Hong Nam)

Huynh Nhu and his teammates created a beautiful and emotional image as they held the flag to celebrate their victory. (Photo: Hong Nam)

Coach Mai Dezhong, who is in his 70s, waved the flag and ran to the field to celebrate the victory with the students. (Photo: Hong Nam)

Goalkeeper Tran Thi Kim Thanh made an important contribution to helping Vietnam maintain a fragile score, making a save with his foot in the closing minutes of the game. (Photo: Hong Nam)

Huynh Nhu was the hero of the Vietnam team in the final. (Photo: Hong Nam)

The Vietnam captain showed his class with a quick chance when the opponent made a mistake. Huynh Nhu’s empty shot was the only goal in the final. (Photo: Hong Nam)

Vietnam’s No. 9 had many scoring chances in this game. Those were defenders where Huang Ru calmly eliminated opponents with skillful technique, but there were still situations where other Thai defenders blocked. (Photo: Hong Nam)

Video: Huynh Nhu scores the only goal to beat Thailand

This was not an easy game for the Vietnamese women’s team, and Thailand also had the ball to put pressure on the home team. (Photo: Hong Nam)

However, the students of Coach Mai Dezhong were very sober, showing the bravery of the No. 1 football team in Southeast Asia. (Photo: Hong Nam)

This is the seventh time that the Vietnamese women’s football team has won a gold medal in the SEA Games. (Photo: Hong Nam)

Video: Vietnamese women’s football team celebrates 31st SEA Games title with tens of thousands of spectators at Kim Pha Stadium