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Southeast Asia U19 Championship looks forward to Vietnamese young talents

04 Jul 2022 | 16:13 | News

Nguyen Van Long “Step into the Light” in the 2022 AFC U23 Championship. In the 4-1-4-1 scheme of head coach Kong Wujun, he played well as a midfielder in the penalty area. As the main force in 3 of the 4 games of the European U23 Vietnam team, the Korean strategist appreciates Fan Chang’s ability. picture: Pegatron.

Immediately after returning from Uzbekistan, Fan Chang joined Vietnam U19s to prepare for the Southeast Asian Championships. He just played well in the U19 Vietnam team’s practice match against Haiphong Club. From the National U21 Championship to the 2022 Asian U23 Finals, Fan Chang has maintained a good form. Photo: Ngoc Le.

Like Fan Chang, quartwinkang He has recently been known to fans for his participation in the final round of U23 Asia 2022. He was also the main force of the U23 Vietnam team’s 3 games. Compared with Fan Chang, Fan Kang’s performance is more impressive. He was named the best player in the U23 Vietnam and South Korea games. picture: AFC.

Van Khang doesn’t have a great physique, but his enthusiasm impresses. This player always shoots a lot and actively argues to support the defense. In addition, Fan Kang also has a free kick strength. In the 1-1 draw with Indonesia in the 2018 Asian U16 final, he attracted attention with a beautiful free kick from more than 30 meters away. Image source: Yule.

If coach Dinh The Nam continues to use a 4-3-3 strategy, Nguyen Duc Viet Most likely to be listed as the cornerstone of the defensive midfield position. He has experience playing V.League in a HAGL jersey and was called up to U23 Vietnam by coach Park Hang-seo. picture: Mingqian.

In the U19 Vietnam’s 1-0 win over Haiphong Club, Duc Viet played to the fullest as soon as he came on the field. He helped Vietnam U19s return to midfield, leaving the seniors deadlocked. This is the basis for believing that Coach Dinh The Nam can give Duc Viet many chances in the upcoming games. Photo: Yule.

on public goods, Nguyen Quoc Viet will be the name that receives the most expectations. He just won the 2022 Southeast Asia U23 Championship in Cambodia. Previously, in the national U21 finals, Guoyue played well and won the top scorer award, helping U21 Nutifood win the championship.Photo: WomenNguyen Kang.

Compared to competitors like Ta Viet Son, Tran Quoc Binh or Nguyen Nhan Nghia, Quoc Viet stands out and is experienced. Quoc Viet will have high hopes for the 2022 Southeast Asia U19 Championships in Indonesia. Photo: Yule.

Nguyen Kang