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South Korean coach decides to join Malaysia for Asian Cup

15 Jun 2022 | 16:27 | News

“I have achieved good results in my career, but if I can join Malaysia in the Asian Cup, it would be a great honour for me. However, this achievement is not mine, but the team’s. Ball. The team and the players have worked hard.” If we achieve our goal of participating in the Asian Cup, it will be an honor for Malaysian football. ” Bernama Before the final match of the Asian Cup qualifiers, coach Jin Panjian shared this sentence.

After two games, Malaysia is second in Group E with 3 points. The last game on June 14 at 8pm, they only need to face Bangladesh, the team lost their first 2 games, host Bukit Jalil.

Malaysia trains hard before the final match of the Asian Cup qualifiers. Photo: FAM.

Mr Kim Panjian acknowledged that Malaysia currently has the best squad and expressed his high appreciation for the professionalism and ability of the players.

“I believe the players are worthy of the Asian Cup and now our qualifiers are drawing to a close. I hope they can contribute to the fans of the country and the world. Make the name of Malaysian football great,” the South Korean leader said.

Malaysia’s goal in their last game was to score three points against Bangladesh to finish at least second and benefit in the race for Asian Cup tickets. The South Korean leader stressed that winning three points is a priority over goals against Bangladesh.

Mr Kim sees Bangladesh as a formidable adversary capable of threatening Malaysia’s defences. “We know how important this game is. Every player knows that no game is easy and always respect the opponent,” King said.

According to the regulations, the 6 group firsts and 5 group runners-up with good results will get tickets to the 2023 Asian Cup. In group runners-up, Malaysia is 5th behind Thailand, Kyrgyzstan and India (with the same number of teams). 6 points) and the Philippines (4 points).

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