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Seeing Martinez score Liverpool’s goal, people see that Arteta was right

09 Mar 2022 | 10:28 | Football

 Seeing how Lautaro Martinez shined against Liverpool, one understands why Mikel Arteta wants to bring this striker to Arsenal.

Martinez’s first hat-trick in an Inter shirt

Liverpool seemed to have played a pretty decent game after hanging up 2-0 from the first leg. As Jurgen Klopp said: “The art of football is to lose the right game. I still hate it but if there’s a game we can lose it’s this one, because the main goal of the Champions League is to win the right to go. next.”
Seeing Martinez score against Liverpool, people realized that Arteta was right - Football

 Martinez scored Liverpool with an unstoppable long shot.

In fact, Klopp’s team has done a very good job of containing the detonators on the other side of the front line. During 90 minutes at Anfield, Inter Milan only launched 6 shots. The expected coefficient of goals that they get from this shot is extremely low – 0.3. However, with a moment of ecstasy, Lautaro Martinez still knows how to shake Liverpool’s net. 

The computer showed that Martinez’s shot had only a 4% chance of scoring. Then, his cheeky shot in the 62nd minute stuck the ball into the high corner and helped Inter revive the opportunity to continue. 

But as said at the beginning, Liverpool is still more class than the opponent. They knew how to keep the Nerrazzuri’s attack silent for the remaining half hour.

Although Inter has stopped in the Champions League playground, at least their BLD has succeeded in “offering” Martinez in the next summer. The player capable of ending Liverpool’s 29-match unbeaten streak at home is certainly no ordinary man. 

Coach Mikel Arteta must have also watched Liverpool’s game very carefully. Martinez was his top target last summer. Unfortunately, at that time Arsenal had spent up to 150 million pounds for 6 different positions, so they did not have the potential to sign more with Martinez. 
Seeing Martinez score against Liverpool, people realized that Arteta was right - Football

 Arteta will try to recruit Martinez in the near future.

Currently, Arteta is very popular with American owners. Information from The Sun said that he will be granted about 180 million pounds to “go to the market” in the near future. If that’s true, Martinez is the first name on Arsenal’s transfer list. 

Martinez’s independent fighting style will be a new source of vitality on the Gunners’ attack. In addition, this player also has good air combat ability, which is a plus when playing in the Premier League. 

The remaining issue of this deal is probably the price. Last year, Inter valued the Argentinian striker at £75 million. At the end of last year, Inter quickly renewed with Martinez to be more active in negotiations. And if Martinez ends the season with more than 20 goals in the domestic league (currently 14), the player’s transfer fee will only increase, not decrease.