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Revealing why Loi Tran competes with Duy Nhat in The Champion ring

04 May 2022 | 14:47 | News

After a long live broadcast, Champion – 2021 Champion The first season will officially end with a super fight between two special martial artists, action actor Loi Tran and the “lonely fighting” of Muay Thai Village in Vietnam – Nguyen Tran Duy Nhat.

The fact that Loi Tran is playing against Duy Nhat must have come as a surprise to many, as Duy Nhat has been the coach of the show since the beginning of the season, and it is the “lone loser” who has directly led and supported many people. Championship and won many championship belts. As such, this final leaves viewers with a lot of questions.

Actor Loi Tran.

“Praying for Failure Alone” Nguyen Tran Duy Nhat.

But according to Loi Tran’s sharing holy star On the eve of the first season of “Champion”, his “competition” with Weiyi in the ring was for some reason.

The first is that no one competes with Loi Tran. So, when accepting the invitation to the show, Loi Tran trained with the team of coach Duy Nhat but no one accepted to compete with the actor as Loi Tran is an action actor with a muscular look and a great physical factor .

Many boxers are afraid to compete with Loi Tran in a championship match.

“I once shared with Mr Duy Nhat about switching to another team, hoping to find an opponent and make a deal. I even shared that if I can’t find someone in the same weight class, who can I choose to fight? Better except Beyond that, my goal is to compete and rekindle a 13-year-old boy’s passion for boxing.” Shared by Loi Tran.

It is understood that in addition to switching to boxing in coach Chen Wenshao’s team to find opponents, Chen Li’s further goal is to find the essence of boxing, which has cultivated generations of talents for the country’s boxing.

Loi Tran used to be a 13-year-old boy with a passion for boxing.

But this still didn’t help Thap Bat Ca find a suitable opponent, after all Loi Tran decided to accept the “competition” with Nguyen Tran Duy Nhat: “In the beginning, I also thought about whether I wanted it or not, and considered many different aspects, but in the end, I think my goal here is to ignite my passion for boxing, to step into the ring, to be able to fight, what’s wrong.”

Loi Tran didn’t care much about the fact that his opponent was “Dugu”, thinking that he came here to fight boxing, while Duy Nhat specializes in Muay Thai, which are two different categories, so he ignored it. , work hard and wait for the day to reach the top.

Loi Tran is practicing hard for the day on the field.

“With Duy Nhat, the fight is no longer about the belt, it’s about overcoming fear and becoming more courageous over yourself. I don’t think I’ll be late, just hold on for 9 minutes, no, if I get knocked down, I’ve won Own.” Loi Tran shared more.

Champion – 2021 Champion It is the first reality show about martial arts in Vietnam. The champion is broadcast every Saturday at 21:15 on VTV3 and at 9:45 pm on YouTube channel Viva Network.