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Real struggled with Bale, Isco and Marcelo

12 Jan 2022 | 15:36 | Football

“White vulture” wants to liquidate Bale, Isco and Marcelo right in the mid-season transfer period 2021/22 to save wages.

According to Sport , the trio of Gareth Bale, Isco and Marcelo cost Real 30 million euros in salary in the next 6 months. President Florentino Perez is ready to liquidate the contract with 3 stars immediately so that they are free to dock at the new club, but the situation is not positive.

Real want Bale, Isco and Marcelo to actively find new places when there is no place at the club. Coach Carlo Ancelotti emphasized that if a player asks to leave, the club will create conditions. But no one came to Ancelotti and made that request.

The high wages of the trio of stars make a loan deal in the mid-season impossible.

Bale and Isco became Real's burden. Photo: Reuters.

Bale and Isco became Real’s burden. Photo: Reuters.

Isco was contacted by Fiorentina, but the Spanish midfielder’s father refused that landing. Bale was once placed in the sights of Newcastle. But since last August, the Wales captain has not played due to injury. Newcastle have given up on the deal and currently there is no club to contact Bale.

Marcelo is a dilemma for Real. The Brazilian defender has experienced a glorious journey with the club, so he is still loved by fans. But Real is willing to let Marcelo leave so that the defender has the opportunity to play more. Some clubs in the Brazilian league are contacting Marcelo.

This season, Bale has only played 3 matches for Real in La Liga. The former Tottenham star has had problems with knee and calf injuries and has contracted Covid-19 since the beginning of this season. “White vultures” have to bite their teeth to pay Bale a salary of about 500,000 euros/week, the highest in the current squad.

Isco played 9 matches in La Liga, of which only 2 started and were disappointing. Isco’s attitude on the training ground is said to have upset coach Ancelotti, so the midfielder is certainly no longer a Real person after this season.

Marcelo could not compete with Ferland Mendy for the position. He started 1 game and made 5 appearances as a substitute this season. Coach Ancelotti has David Alaba ready to fill Mendy’s place for the left-back position, so Marcelo’s presence is no longer important.