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Photos from U23 Vietnam and Philippines U23 match ‘not sure’

11 May 2022 | 15:05 | News

After defeating Indonesia U23, Vietnam U23 confidently faced Philippines U23. (Photo: Minh Kui/VNA)

Teacher Park Hengrui has 3 changes compared to the first game. (Photo: Minh Kui/VNA)

With the determination to score 3 points, Vietnam U23 actively played high after the opening whistle. (Photo: Minh Kui/VNA)

But the Philippines U23 had a lot of difficulties before solid defense. (Photo: National Day/VNA)

This made head coach Park Hengrui and the Vietnam U23 coaching staff impatient. (Photo: Minh Kui/VNA)

The Korean coach is constantly instructing his students. (Photo: Minh Kui/VNA)

In the second half, Vietnam U23 continued to attack… (Photo: Quoc Khanh/VNA)

…and make more dangerous balls for your opponent. (Photo: Huang Ling/VNA)

But it is still difficult to find a way to the Philippine U23 target. (Photo: Huang Ling/VNA)

Unable to score, Vietnam U23 had to accept and then drew 0-0 on the field. (Photo: Huang Ling/VNA)

Despite the draw, Vietnam’s U23s have a good chance of advancing. (Photo: Huang Ling/VNA)