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Paradox in HAGL and the sign of Kiatisuk

28 Jul 2022 | 17:25 | News

HAGL presents two opposing faces in V.League 2022. They haven’t won any of the first 5 rounds and are showing a different performance from last season, a period when the Mountains were unbeaten in 11 straight games. (including 7-game winning streak).

But in the last 4 rounds, head coach Chiati Suk and his team have topped the table with 12 points when they don’t have the best power.

After the first 4 games of V.League 2022, HAGL was disappointed for a while. Photo: Minh Chien.

two opposite faces

In the first stage, HAGL was drawn to a draw by Nam Dinh and Ha Tinh. These are two weak opponents. Afterwards, they lost to SLNA and drew with Viettel and Binh Dinh clubs.

This is when HAGL has quite the all-round power. They fully possess 4 foreign soldiers including Mauricio Teixeira, Kim Dong-soo, Jefferson Baiano and Washington Brandau. National team players such as Luong Xuan Truong, Nguyen Cong Phuong and Nguyen Van Toan are also healthy.

Later, there were only two foreign soldiers left in HAGL, Mauricio and Brandau, Kim Dong-soo returned to South Korea to prepare for military service, and Bai Yanuo was liquidated. Rookie centre-back An Shi – who just finished his first game in a 2-0 win over Thanh Hoa Club didn’t show much.

In addition, HAGL has also missed the service of Cong Phuong due to injury in the last 3 games. In the confrontation with Thanh Hoa Club, Wu Wenqing was also absent due to suspension (3 yellow cards).

In addition to the weaker strength of the Ho Chi Minh Club, HAGL has successively defeated the Da Nang, Binh Duong and Thanh Hoa clubs, which are relatively uncomfortable opponents. The element of luck has also accompanied the Yamashiro team in some cases, but it has to be admitted that their performance has improved drastically.

Impressions of Coach Kiatisuk

During the underperforming period, head coach Chiatisuk struggled in defence as he implemented 4 different staffing arrangements across the three centre-backs. In the loss to SLNA, Mauricio played on the right, Kim Dong-soo played in the middle, and Li Deliang played on the left.

In the game with Ha Tinh Club, Mauricio served as the central defender, and the two positions of the central defender belonged to Nguyen Van Viet and Li Deliang respectively. Earlier, at the Tianchang Stadium in Nam Dinh, Huu Tuan played in place of Duc Luong.

Coach Kiatisuk found a solution, and he played Le Van Son at right back, with foreign soldiers Mauricio and Huu Tuan in the other two positions. This option helps HAGL to better deploy the ball.

Van Toan “shot” again after receiving pressure from head coach Chiatisuk. Photo: Lin Hong.

Van Son was the No. 1 right-back for Vietnam’s U19s during the Cong Phuong and Xuan Truong eras. His footwork is more impressive than Duc Luong’s. As such, Fan Song contributed to helping HAGL lay the ball more smoothly, while the mountain team was underwhelming early in the season.

Van Toan’s goal against Binh Duong to make it 2-0 is a case in point. Van Son was involved in the deployment of the ball, facilitating a series of 19 passes to score a goal for HAGL.

Thanh Hoa Club’s coach Ljupko Petrovic also praised HAGL’s coordination skills. The Serbian strategist shared after Pleiku’s defeat: “We didn’t have the ball, we only had 3 passes and we conceded. At the same time, HAGL passed over 10 balls, which made a difference. Different”.

In addition to tactical markers, coach Kiatisuk also makes a difference because of his psychological abilities. HAGL is the only team in the V.League that rotates captains.

The Thai strategist revealed: “We have 5 captains, but 2 situations change. First, a captain who loses confidence must wear the captain’s armband to improve confidence. If he wears the captain’s armband and plays well, that player Will continue to be assigned the captain’s armband.”

This season, Cong Phuong, Van Toan and Van Thanh have all scored with the captain’s armband. Tuan Anh, Xuan Truong also had positive performances as captains.

Coach Kiatisuk also has confidence in his students. HAGL was awarded a penalty in the match against Ho Chi Minh City FC after Van Toan played six “nothing” games. However, coach Kiatisuk remains determined not to let the striker from Haiyang step over the 11m mark to break it.

After that, coach Kiatisuk put more pressure on Van Toan, giving him the captain’s armband against the Binh Duong club. This time, he scored a double.

“We want to put pressure on the offensive players to score goals. When giving the captain’s armband, I also want to put more responsibility on Toan. I also often say that the team prioritizes 3 points and whoever scores the goal. .It’s okay to have nothing on the table,” coach Kiatisuk said.

Obviously, it’s hard to get Yamashiro’s name out of the V.League Championship when Coach Chiatisuk is still in the hot seat at HAGL.

HIGHLIGHTSHAGL 2-0 Thanh Hoa: Van Toan shines Nguyen Van Toan left his mark with both goals against Thanh Hoa at HAGL in the 9th round of the V.League 2022 on 24/7 pm.

Huang Nguyen