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Opposing Benzema, the goalkeepers were overwhelmed and confused

07 Apr 2022 | 12:30 | Football

 In a way, Karim Benzema was constantly “created” by the goalkeepers when he stepped out of the Champions League arena.

Video of Benzema giving an interview

1. Benzema vs Ulreich (Champions League semi-final 2017/18)

In the semi-finals of the Champions League 2017/18, Karim Benzema shone brightly with a brace against Bayern Munich. The remarkable thing was in the second goal. Sven Ulreich hesitated to use his hands or feet to catch a teammate’s pass, so he fumbled for the ball to drift out of his control.

Benzema was closest to the ball, so the French striker took the opportunity to give Real a 2-1 lead. Ulreich was criticized for his ungrateful mistake and Benzema became a hero, holding the title of best match.
Opposite Benzema, the goalkeepers were overwhelmed and confused - Football

 Benzema capitalized on Ulreich’s mistake.

2. Benzema vs Karius (Champions League Final 2017/18)

Loris Karius followed in Ulrech’s footsteps to become the perfect “partner” of Benzema. In a situation where there was no danger, the German goalkeeper threw the ball straight into the aimlessly raised leg from Benzema.

The goal broke the deadlock for Real, thereby creating the premise for Los Blancos to defeat Liverpool in the 2017/18 Champions League final.

However, it is necessary to sympathize with Karius because, as revealed after the game, his eye hurt after a collision, which resulted in not seeing everything around him clearly. 


3. Benzema vs Donnarumma (1/8 Champions League 2021/22)

When PSG was having the advantage of eliminating Real from round ⅛ of the Champions League, Benzema made fans dream of a dramatic comeback. The star born in 1987 approached Gianluigi Donnarumma, making this goalkeeper awkwardly make a mistake of serving the ball. 

Vinicius was the one to receive the ball then to assist Benzema to score. From this goal, Real played more and more excitedly to eliminate PSG from the Champions League. 

According to many comments, Donnarumma should have been protected by the referee. Benzema had fouled the Italian goalkeeper.

4. Benzema vs Mendy (tứ kết Champions League 2021/22)

Edouard Mendy is the next name confusingly overwhelmed by Benzema. The restriction in the way he used his feet to play the ball caused Mendy to make a disastrous mistake outside the penalty area.
Opposite Benzema, the goalkeepers were overwhelmed and confused - Football

 Mendy “blows the ball” for Benzema to score.

Benzema quickly guessed the carelessness of the Senegal goalkeeper and then rushed in to win the ball with Antonio Rudiger. When he passed Rudiger and the goal was wide open, Benzema easily completed a hat-trick.

Mendy is normally the most reliable stopper in the Chelsea defence, but when he meets Benzema, he is like many other goalkeepers who make unbelievable stupid mistakes.

Lu Feng | 15:18 April 7, 2022