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Once again surpassing Thailand, the Vietnamese women’s team successfully defended the gold medal

31 May 2022 | 15:54 | News

After advancing to the semi-finals, the Vietnamese team played against Thailand in the women’s football final of the 31st Southeast Asian Games. Both teams deserve to be the best representatives of the current Southeast Asian women’s football team, but the students of coach Mai Dezhong are more worthy of praise. The home team is now Received the right to qualify for the final round of the 2023 World Cup and is unbeaten against Thailand in the past seven years (6 wins, 4 draws).

On the evening of May 21, the stands of Cam Pha Stadium were covered with national flags and the colors of Vietnamese fans.

In fact, on the field, both teams entered the game at high speed without any probing of the opponent. In the 2nd minute, Nguyen Thi Van “tested” Thai goalkeeper Bich Thuy with a lob and headed into the top corner. A few minutes later, Huynh Nhu and Tuyet Dung took turns blasting Boonsing’s goal, creating a dangerous series of chances. In the 27th minute, the guests only had “enough weight” to react when midfielder Olpin’s close-range shot forced goalkeeper Jin Qing to make a save.

While tickets are hard to come by today, for many fans, the effort is totally worth it.

Everyone shares the same belief in the victory of the students of Coach Mai Dezhong.

The first half ended with the regret of the home audience. Although the Vietnamese women’s team performed well, they failed to score in the match against their opponents. After the intermission, head coach Mai Dezhong sent forward Fan Haiyan to replace Nguyen Thi Van. Haiyan once helped Vietnam beat Thailand in the final of the 30th Southeast Asian Games, but she can’t replicate that achievement today.

Just like the 30th SEA Games, Vietnam and Thailand (blue shirts) meet again in the women’s final.

But Vietnam still had a goal in the 56th minute to seal their minimum victory. The Vietnam Women’s midfielder proved his effectiveness with a steal from midfielder Duong Thi Van. The pass allowed Huynh Nhu to rush straight into the box to deceive the Thai goalkeeper before scoring.

If Huynh Nhu and his teammates take advantage of the opportunities created later, the score will be higher. On the other hand, Thailand made at least two waves in front of the home team’s goal with admirable efforts, but the timely response of goalkeeper Kim Seng helped the Vietnamese women’s team to keep the net goal.

The Vietnamese women’s team successfully defended the gold medal of the SEA Games by defeating “rival” Thailand again. Hopefully this achievement by the women’s team will encourage their male colleagues in the final against the Thais in My Dinh tomorrow.

The only difference is that this time the venue is the Cam Pha Stadium in Quang Ninh.

Due to the “familiarity” with the Thai people and the home field advantage, the Vietnamese women’s team has been aggressively attacking from the very beginning, with an overwhelming advantage.

However, in the first half, although the girls in red created a lot of chances, they did not grasp the chance of success.

The situation in the second half was not much different except for Huang Ru’s goal.

It was the only goal of the game and the home team won 1-0.

Vietnam’s women’s soccer team successfully defended its SEA Games gold medal.