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On the sidelines: “Play well and look back with pride”

16 Jun 2022 | 16:29 | News

Let’s play well, play well, so we can look back with pride. “

There is only one match between Yen Thanh and TX in the youth field this afternoon. Monroe. It can be said that it was a special match because neither team had enough points to make it to the semi-finals, win or lose. As a result, viewers quickly imagined the reluctant, dull spirits of the players.

However, under the leadership of the coaching staff, both teams came out early and used the waiting time to warm up thoroughly.

Yen Thanh youth coaches practice with players before heading into the final game of the season.Photo: Dip Ching

“Only the last game left. I don’t care about the score, as long as you give it your all. If you go down, they’ll pull you up and play nice, play well and make you proud to see it. back “- This is the instruction given by coach Wu Duc Kui to the Yen Thanh youth team students before entering the game. In the same spirit, the invaluable coach continually encouraged and encouraged the players on the field with witty words:

– Hey guys, you guys are going so fast!

– Let’s cheer up and pass the ball to the heart, boys.

– How long until then? When the referee asks, let’s take a break!

– Go to the party after the kick. Healthy ice cubes to burn off energy and a delicious dinner!

Coach Vu Duc Quyet instructed the players to perform at their best in the final game.Photo: Dip Ching

Thanks to the continuous encouragement of the coaches, the morale of the players has been greatly improved, and there are many wonderful balls in the game. It is understood that before the game, the coaching staff of the two teams decided that no matter what the result is, the two teams will continue the round in the beach town of Cua Lo tonight.

The motivation behind the tears

Many young players burst into tears immediately after the game because their team didn’t make it to the next round. Before the game this afternoon, many parents of the Taihe Town Children’s Team also secretly wiped their tears when they witnessed their children’s grief.

A player from the Taihe Town Children’s team burst into tears after this afternoon’s game.Photo: Dip Ching

Faced with this situation, the coach of the Taihe Town Children’s Team called up his students and said, “I understand that you are sad. I am also sad. But most of all, I am proud that you have performed so well in all competitions. “Games are won or lost, and we have to accept that. It’s important that we turn that grief into motivation to go home, to keep working on conditioning, practice technique, and be ready for next season’s revenge. That’s the profession. What football players do, you have to do too. Right? Now, let’s go back to the hotel and take a shower before we go home. The coaching staff will have presents for you.”

After the coach’s speech, the Taihe Warriors were even more excited. A child player turned to his mother and said, “Next year, we’ll bring the grandparents down to watch me play, Mom!”.

Also this morning, the members of the City Youth Team. Vinh burst into tears as he lost to Team Hung Nguyen.Photo: Mingsheng

79 year old fan

In this afternoon’s game, the Yanqing youth team had a 79-year-old white-haired spectator, Lang Hongguang. In particular, he drove alone from Yen Thanh to Vinh in order to cheer for his hometown team — something that few people of his age can do.

“I’ve loved this sport of kings since I was a child and have been following this event for years. Through the internet and information from the coaching staff, I learned that there was a Yen Thanh team game at 4 pm today, so I drove to Vinh to support,” he said. Say.

Although not a player’s family member, Lang Hongguang still drove from Ancheng to cheer for his hometown team.Photo: Dip Ching

Asked why he didn’t ask someone to drive or take a bus or taxi to be safe, he smiled and said, “I’m used to it, so it’s safe to walk slowly and leisurely. Also, driving yourself will be very difficult in terms of time and schedule. more active.”

It is understood that he will continue to go to Vinh City to watch the Yen Thanh children’s team game tomorrow morning. There is no greater inspiration for the team and players than to have such a passionate supporter.