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MU now can only look up at Liverpool, Man City

12 Apr 2022 | 14:54 | Football

 At the moment, Manchester United cannot be compared with Liverpool and Manchester City in many ways.

Liverpool’s style

Man City and Liverpool have just created one of the most attractive matches in the Premier League. There, both bring a variety of emotions. And although there is a bit of regret for Man City, neutral fans are completely satisfied with the draw.

Man City took the lead twice, but The Kop also knows how to make the home team hate. Two moments of opportunity by Diogo Jota and Sadio Mane show how good Liverpool’s ability to take advantage of.
MU now can only look up at Liverpool, Man City - Football

 The match between Man City and Liverpool was very interesting.

In recent seasons, Man City and Liverpool have almost no rivals in the Premier League. Even Champions League champions Chelsea cannot compare with these two teams. With the philosophy of Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp, Man City and Liverpool are completely superior.

Before the great battle between the two teams took place, statistics from The Athletic showed that Man City won 338 points since the beginning of the 2018/19 season. The crazy thing is that Liverpool are right behind with 1 point less. On average, the two teams collect 2.34 points per game.


And the 2-2 draw result reflects the true strength of the two teams. Notably, Chelsea only won 264 points, while Man Utd, Tottenham and Arsenal stood in the next positions with points of 257, 246 and 238 respectively.

That said, Man Utd has absolutely no chance to approach the level of Man City and Liverpool at this time. The Red Devils were soon knocked out of the Champions League and were in danger of not being able to break into the Premier League Top 4 at the end of the season.
MU now can only look up at Liverpool, Man City - Football

 Man Utd is getting worse and worse.

They do not have a specific vision and are struggling to find the glory through 5 generations of coaches. In the last defeat to Everton, it felt like Man Utd didn’t want to play football. Coach Ralf Rangnick ran out of ideas and was even forced to put an expired Juan Mata on the field.

This summer, Man Utd will reform. A new coach will sit in the Old Trafford hot seat. According to many sources, Erik ten Hag is likely to soon be announced to become the head coach of Man Utd. It is known that the Dutch coach proposed a 5-year plan.

Accordingly, Man Utd needs 5 years to recover. During that time, surely Man City and Liverpool will continue to thrive. Obviously, Man Utd must now make a lot of efforts to close the gap with the two opponents.

Now, it is no exaggeration to say that Man Utd is looking up to Man City and Liverpool.

Tieu Lam | 18:08 April 12, 2022