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Mr Park ‘dodges’ fight with Vietnamese U23 players

05 May 2022 | 14:48 | News

On the afternoon of April 28, Vietnam U23 continued to train at the VFF Youth Football Training Center. Like the previous training sessions, in addition to technical and tactical training, Coach Park Hyung-seo Games are included to reduce student stress.

However, the Korean teacher did not join the team this time, but watched from a distance. Especially in the “Ghost Kick” game, Mr. Park was “executed” by his students many times and did not dare to fight with young players.

Coach Park Hengrui uses strength not to compete with young players

There are a total of 29 players in the training camp of Vietnam U23, and the new faces called by coach Park Hengrui have not appeared in the past few days. In addition, the three players Guangrong, Guangsheng and Fan Tai had to practice with doctors separately.

Before the first game against Indonesia, coach Park Hengrui announced the list of 20 players who will officially participate in the 31st Southeast Asian Games. In the next few days, the competitive atmosphere in Vietnam will be even stronger. U23 Vietnam It must be exciting and tense.

The training camp was filled with laughter and laughter of the U23 Vietnam team

“I think the whole team needs to work harder in practice to complete all the lesson plans made by the coaching staff.

Every player himself realizes the need to focus. Personally, I always try my best. My advantage is speed. I hope to participate in the SEA Games. “ Forward Lexuantu said.

Coach Park Hyung-seo is expected to shorten the roster and bring 25-26 players to Phu Shou on April 30. The unnamed will continue training in Hanoi with the newly called-up players.

Some training pictures:

Coach Park Hengrui is always one of the first to come out

Korean teacher encourages students before practice

Three goalkeepers for the U23 Vietnam team

Coach Park Hengrui “kicks” midfielder Guangrong

U23 Vietnam team warms up seriously, lesson plans move with the ball

Huang De plays a very important role in the 31st Southeast Asian Games

Coach Park Hengrui looks from afar

The Korean teacher called a lot of players in this party, but only used 20 people on the official list.

Player kicks ghost during warm-up

Coach Park Hengrui dare not participate

South Korean teacher fears being ‘executed’ by students

Coach Park and Vietnam U23s have just over a week to prepare for their first match against Indonesia

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