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Mickelson disgruntled PGA Tour about money

28 Dec 2021 | 09:54 | Golf

Phil Mickelson recently said that the PGA Tour does not split the profits from professional videos of star-studded members on YouTube.

Mickelon criticized the host organization via Twitter when discussing with coach Peter Kostis about the PIP (Player Impact Program).

Kostis says PIP is “joke and not for common development”. “If there is an excess of 50 million USD, why not increase the bonus fund for the second Korn Ferry Tour tournaments? Let the future first-place players have the current living conditions. Must invest in your products.” Kostis expressed frustration with the PIP program.

“I know the PGA Tour makes a lot of money from YouTube audiences and other social media channels. They’re holding onto the field moments or the top players’ tackles worth about $10-20 billion. “, Mickelson continued after Kostis’s frustration.

The official PGA Tour account on YouTube launched in 2006, now has more than 800,000 regular followers, over 825.2 million views.

According to bunkered.co.uk, the value per view of this PGA Tour channel ranges between 0.1-0.3 USD.

Mickelson “starred” in two clips, both over 5.1 million views. Both are in the top 20 videos on the PGA Tour’s YouTube channel. Of these, the “10 animal encounters on the PGA Tour” were the most viewed – over 14 million in seven years.

PIP, implemented by the PGA Tour from the beginning of 2021, is a $ 40 million financial package to encourage members to interact with fans, thereby ranking them by five criteria, including Google Search, a ranking index from a distribution company. Nielsen market analysis and social media interactions. At the end of the year, the host organization will finalize the results but will not announce them, in which the first-place golfer will receive $8 million, and the top 10 will be rewarded. Next year the fund for PIP adds 10 million USD.

Mickelson won 45 titles, including six majors over his 29 years on the PGA Tour. He became the oldest major champion by holding his sixth major PGA Championship in May, at the age of 51. With $94.847 million, Mickelson is just behind Tiger Woods ($120,851 million) in prize money from the PGA Tour.

Mickelson entered the World Golf Hall of Fame in the 2012 round of honors, and Woods will be inducted in March 2022, on the occasion of The Players Championship – the key event of the PGA Tour that is tacitly recognized by the international golf world as the fifth major.