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Mbappe makes opponents hate because of his unique move

10 Mar 2022 | 10:09 | Football

 Kylian Mbappe has shown fans that he is a striker with excellent finishing ability.

Video Mbappe surpasses Ibrahimovic’s scoring record at PSG

PSG lost to Real Madrid, another painful defeat in the Champions League in the situation of being reversed by the opponent. However, that does not mean that fans deny Kylian Mbappe’s performance.

The star born in 1998 is the best player on the PSG side with 2 goals after 2 matches. He also left an impression thanks to his speed, ability to penetrate in steep situations that made the Los Blancos defense wobble. And after the match at the Bernabeu early this morning, it can be concluded that Mbappe has a unique finishing move with a strong personal brand.
Mbappe makes opponents hate because of his unique move - Football

 Mbappe beat Courtois with a close shot.

At the moment Mbappe silenced the entire Bernabeu stadium, the 23-year-old striker took impressive steps against David Alaba. He burst into the middle from the left before flashing, giving viewers the feeling that he was going to perform a heart-stopping phase. But, instead, the former AS Monaco player suddenly shot hard into the near corner to break the deadlock.


Notably, this is Mbappe’s image and shooting habit when in a similar situation. Usually, after cutting into the center from the left, a right-footed player actively thinks about the intention to put his heart in the far corner.  With Mbappe, he created another finishing preference and scored many times into the near corner.

In the season PSG finished second in the Champions League 2019/20, Mbappe had an identical finish against Manuel Neuer. Neuer tried to catch the French star’s heart but was missed and completely lost his footing when PSG’s No. 7 ended up in the near corner.
Mbappe makes opponents hate because of his unique move - Football

 Neuer is another victim of number 7.

Even this season, in the victory over Leipzig in the group stage, Mbappe also defeated Peter Gulacsi by swinging his legs and handling the familiar ball. Gulacsic resembles Neuer because of his proactive behavior to catch Mbappe but failed. He was “rooted” and went into the net to pick up the ball.
Mbappe makes opponents hate because of his unique move - Football

 Mbappe with a handshake, finishing at a familiar distance against Leipzig.

Any goalkeeper who wants to read Mbappe’s heartbreaking article, they have to pay the price. Mbappe’s powerful shots into the near corner are becoming the only way to turn the striker into a killer. It will not be surprising if in the future, Mbappe creates a similar goal scenario.