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Many teams want to take Fan Lin away from Osaka Cerezo

26 Jul 2022 | 17:23 | News

“People are interested in Lin, but we have to calculate the best for him. We don’t know and can’t be sure whether Lin’s future is Cerezo or a new club. Everything depends on the process. The negotiation process, we will try to speed it up, “Fan Lin’s representative and green.

Mr. Grushin has been in Osaka (Japan) for about a week to consider Van Lam’s future. The Vietnamese goalkeeper’s contract with Japan is set to expire in January 2023, meaning Fan Lin now has the right to negotiate with any club in good faith.

Senator Fan Lin (centre) came to Japan about a week ago. Photo: FBNV.

The 1993-born goalkeeper will join Sakura Osaka in early 2021. In his first season, he won the Japanese Emperor’s Cup and the AFC Champions League multiple chances. But by the second year, Fan Lin did not play any games, even though the Japanese professional season was halfway through.

The former Haiphong player is currently only the No. 3 goalkeeper for Cerezo. Option one is Kim Jin-hyun’s impressive performance, helping the team rise to 5th in the J1 league. At the age of 35, Kim Jong-un recovered so strongly that he was even recalled to the South Korean team for World Cup qualifiers. After 22 rounds of the J1 league, the substitute goalkeeper Keisuke Shimizu has yet to start. Therefore, Fan Lin’s chances are almost zero.

That’s why Mr. Grushin came to Japan. The head of youth football talent will stay in Osaka until the Lin “West” thing is done. A lot of information on the sidelines shows that Fan Lin can still stay in Japan, but will transfer to another club with more opportunities.

Mr. Grushin continued: “No one in Vietnam has the level of Van Lam. Lam’s level is now higher than before coming to Japan. Training in Japan is harder than many championships. I have seen and witnessed the quality of Cerezo’s training” also see Here comes Lin’s performance in training. But the important thing is that he has to play. “

Having to sit on the bench for too long has a bad effect on Fan Lin. This also caused him to lose his place in the Vietnam team. Van Lahm was caught only once in the third round of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers against Australia last September. The remaining nine matches belong to Tran Nguyen Manh and Bui Tan Truong.

Hook for Fan Lin’s team to win On the afternoon of July 6th, in the 20th round of the J1 League, Osaka Cerezo was kicked out by the striker in the 89th minute to replace Evraldo Sturm of Kashima Antlers and equalized 3-3.

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