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“Juventus has some regrets after the Napoli draw”

07 Jan 2022 | 08:17 | Football

Juventus has just received a 1-1 draw against Napoli at home in the framework of Serie A this morning.

This morning, Juventus had a difficult match against Napoli. The visitors took the lead thanks to a Dries Mertens strike in the first half. Juventus could only equalize thanks to the work of Federico Chiesa.

After 90 minutes, the two teams divided the points with a score of 1-1. This result made Juventus’ Manuel Locatelli unhappy. Before the media, he shared after the match:

” Juventus has some regrets after the Napoli draw. It’s a pity that we fell behind when we wanted to win, especially at home.”

“We played with intensity, that’s what the coach asked for and are trying to get there in the 90 minutes to bring in the important points. This is an important month and it could be pivotal. decided, because there are some confrontations where we need to collect as many points as possible.”

 Locatelli disappointed by the draw against Napoli.

Locatelli disappointed by the draw against Napoli.

Before the game, Napoli made the trip without nine players and three others were almost disqualified due to confusion over isolation rules and vaccination status. There are four matches postponed today due to the COVID isolation order from the local health authority, so Serie A is struggling to continue holding the match.

Talking about this, Locatelli added: ” This is a difficult situation for everyone, we all have to follow the rules, get vaccinated and keep moving forward.”