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Igor Frolov sets unprecedented record in TV Cup

25 Apr 2022 | 14:20 | News

Igor Frolov won the red dot jersey for the first place on top of the Hevan pass.Photo: Fan Hui

Former Russian runner Igor Frolov became the first foreign runner to set an unprecedented record in Cycling TV Cup history. Igor conquered more than 35km on his own after a stormy single halfway through Haven Pass before celebrating his victory at the finish line in a helpless chase.

Quang Van Cuong talks about his upcoming goal after losing the yellow jersey. Clip: MQ

This very interesting race took place on stage 12, Hue – Da Nang, with a total length of 113 kilometers, and the team conquered three passes of Phuoc Tuong, Phu Gia and Hai Van. The focus of the climb is the acquisition of the yellow jersey held by Loc Troi Group.

Besides Igor Frolov, defending champion Loic Desriac (Dong Thap Domesco Pharmaceutical), or foreign soldiers Roman Maikin, Ali Khademi (Loc Troi Group), Baasamkhuu (GSB Dong Nai) are also considered candidates for the yellow jersey. However, after Igor’s stormy attack above the pass, the remaining candidates gradually fell and were left behind.

The convoy entered Haiyun Pass after passing through Sanjiang Lagoon.Photo: Fan Hui

The yellow shirt Guang Wenqiang tried to chase Igor.Photo: Fan Hui

The Russian racers started to attack the Haven Pass.Photo: Fan Hui

Vinh Long’s racer Vo Thanh An broke away from the crowd.Photo: Fan Hui

Igor bursts out of the crowd while passing…Photo: PHAM HUY

…a horse won the race in Da Nang City.Photo: Fan Hui

Previously, Igor Frolov, who “torn up” Fan Qiang’s yellow shirt after 2 hours, 54 minutes and 6 seconds at the Da Nang level, also became the new king of the Red Dot Shirt Award with the “King of Climbing” on Haven Peak. .

Talking about the impressive victory achieved by the Russian foreign aid, Ho Chi Minh City head coach Vianama Duqinda shared: “I knew Igor’s leg was capable of tearing the yellow jersey, but I didn’t expect him to widen the gap. So much. (More than 1 minute 49 seconds compared to Quang Van Cuong). Happy to win, but the game is still long and there are many thorns to overcome.

As far as I know, Igor’s solo performance from Haven Pass to Da Nang is an unprecedented record for the TV Cup. “

The Russian driver scored the double red dot jersey…

…and monopolize the yellow shirt after stage 12. Photo: PHAM HUY

Sharing the feat after the finish line, the 32-year-old confided: “I’m glad I’ve achieved my goals. I dedicate this victory to my favorite fiancée, who is currently in Russia.”

With Igor Frolov’s yellow jersey red dot jersey double, Ho Chi Minh City Vinama also deepened the gap with rivals Loc Troi Group and Domesco Dong Thap Pharmaceutical to maintain the top spot in the team standings top spot.

With his presence in the top 10, the young talent of Ho Chi Minh’s new group, Nguyen Van Binh, continued to occupy the white shirt after 12 stages. The blue shirt after this leg also transitions from Tran Tuan Kiet (Dopagan Dong Thap) to Nguyen Tan Hoai (Loc Troi Group).

On the morning of August 18, the team entered the 13th stage, Da Nang City – San Gi City (Quang Nam), with a total length of 85 kilometers.