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Ian Rush speaks frankly about the Luis Diaz . deal

03 Feb 2022 | 16:43 | Football

 Former player Ian Rush has commented on the recent Liverpool signing of Luis Diaz.

In order to upgrade the attack, Liverpool spent about 50 million pounds to recruit Luis Diaz from Porto. The Colombian player promises to bring a new breath to The Kop, helping them aim high at the end of the season.

Commenting on the above deal, former player Ian Rush of The Kop said: “Diaz is an excellent signing. To be honest, I am also surprised. And there is promise to be a competition. healthy in attacking positions – that is essential.

Ian Rush speaks frankly about the Luis Diaz deal - Football

Diaz arrives at Liverpool.

Competition just makes you want to play better. You look at what the players do in training sessions and you get an idea of ​​their performance on the pitch.

So when you see players practice, you’ll hear the saying: “I’m not guaranteed a starting spot in a particular match, I have to work hard during training so I don’t mind too much. other things.” And when the players perform well, the choice is up to the head coach.”

Diaz arrived at Liverpool after two and a half seasons with Porto. He made 125 appearances and scored 41 goals for the Portuguese team. Moving to the Anfield team, Diaz will wear the number 23 shirt.