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How is rookie Dembele now?

05 Jul 2022 | 16:16 | News

At the age of 13, Dembele was called by then Celtic U20 coach Tommy McIntyre to train with his predecessors, causing a heated discussion in the world media. Dembele was one of her teammates aged 19 and 20 due to her small stature and low weight.

At the age of 15, Dembele signed a professional contract with Celtic. This move is evident when the UK Labour Code defines 16 as the age allowed to enter into professional employment contracts. In February 2019, Dembele officially turned 16 years old and qualified for the competition.

The youngster started training with the Celtic first team and played for the reserves. Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers believes Dembele can play in the first team. Chelsea, Arsenal or Real Madrid are all interested in Dembele.

At present, Dembele is about to bid farewell to Celtic. At 19, the young player’s career stalled. So far in 2019, Dembele has only played eight games for the Celtic first team.

Dembele was injured in pre-season last summer. Celtic boss Post Koglu doesn’t appreciate Dembele’s talent. Dembele only played two games last season.

Dembele is the final choice for Celtic’s strong wing position, second only to Jota, Furuhashi Keigo, Maeda Daimae, Johnston and Abada. Dembele has to play for the reserves most of the time.

Newly promoted to Serie A, Lecce are considering signing Dembele this summer. The transfer fee is around £854,000. On Transfermarkt, Dembele is worth £215,000. Changing the playing field could help Dembele revive his career.

In the national team shirt, Dembele is torn between playing for Scotland, Ivory Coast or England. Dembele has an older brother, Sirikit, who plays for new Premier League side Bournemouth.

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