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Hajarai loses to Yokohama: no more regrets

02 May 2022 | 14:41 | News

Yokohama Mariners launched the strong team to suppress the “weak team” Hagelai in the fifth game of the AFC Group H. It was also a very good match for teacher and coach Kiatisak, but Hajarai was unable to give up.

Yokohama Mariners (blue shirt) did their best today.Photo: An Fang

Head coach Kevin Muscat made it clear his determination to keep the lead after five games. In this attack, the Australian strategist launched both Marcos Jr and Leo Ceara.

With the two foreign strikers in place, they made their intentions to relax, to lure the Hajarai defender to their side, and then the second-tier players to finish.

Cong Phuong still tried to find a target, but failed.Photo: An Fang

Yokohama Mariners still have the characteristics of Japanese football, with various tactics but mostly using short and medium passes.

Yokahama has “drop the ball” in the middle of the high surprise slot game. This resulted in a lack of rhythm in midfielder Hu Tuan, who was then fouled by Nakagawa’s “swept” foot, causing the player to fall, resulting in a penalty kick in the 33rd minute.

The Yokohama Mariners won 2-0 by scorer Hatachu. Photo: A.PHUONG

On the 11m mark, Marcos fooled goalkeeper Tuan Linh and scored the opening goal for the Yokohama Mariners 1-0.

In the 83rd minute, Hata’s corner kick bounced high and the header was very sharp. Duan Ling couldn’t react in time to tie the score to 2-0.

Midfielder Hu Tuan fouled in the return pass and resulted in a penalty kick. Photo: A.PHUONG

Ha Jialai once again lost evenly to the Japanese and South Korean bosses, but apparently he had no regrets at all. The Yokohama Mariners have “tightened up” and stated their goal of winning the game, and they have achieved it, because after all, the Yokohama Mariners are still on another level, and the quality of players from domestic to foreign countries is far higher than that of Ha Jialai.

Spectators at Thong Nhat Stadium “wait forever to see Phuong bloom”. Photo: A.PHUONG

Once again, Hajialai is worthy of praise. He praised the teachers and students of Coach Chiati Sak for having a wonderful game. The tense game also approached many opportunities. Unfortunately, the footsteps lacked the accuracy of the players and the excellent performance. Marinos Keep Hajarai from scoring.

After the fifth game, Hajirai still drew only two games, 1-1 with Sydney and Jeonbuk Hyundai.

With this victory, Yokohama Mariners continued to maintain the top spot in Group H with 12 points.