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HAGL continues to lose to runners-up J-League

29 Apr 2022 | 14:32 | News

Fantoan is injured…

…and have to play with a bandaged head

HAGL was officially suspended after a draw with Jeonbuk in the fourth round of the AFC Champions League, so coach Chiati Sak’s teachers and students did not face pressure in the remaining two rounds of Group H. However, the Yamashiro team still set the goal to score in the Yokohama Mariners rematch at Tongichi Stadium on the night of April 28.

Familiar with the tactics and tactics of the defending runner-up J-League, HAGL actively chased the game and played a double attack from the very beginning. However, the students of coach Chiati Sak kept exposing the deficiencies of “air combat” when defending, and finally lost 0-2.

Kang Fang…

…and Xuan Chang can’t help HAGL get points

The data of the whole game showed that the Japanese team completely overwhelmed HAGL with nearly 70% of the ball possession, and 15 shots hit Duan Lin’s goal. Duke’s team scored the first goal in the 36th minute, with striker Marcos scoring an 11m penalty after being fouled by midfielder Hu Tuan in the penalty area.

HAGL continues to stomp for third place in the HO group

In the 83rd minute, the J-League runner-up took advantage of his physical strength, and Shinnosuke Hatanaka took a corner kick and scored with an easy header to make the score 2-0. With this result, the Yokohama Mariners are firmly at the top of Group H with 12 points after 5 games, while HAGL remains third in the group with 2 points.

Tuong Phuoc – Photo: Hoang Trieu