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Grizzlies acting coach: I was kicked hard by the Timberwolves before, and this time I have to pull back a game

14 Jan 2022 | 11:27 | Basketball

Live it on January 14th. In the NBA regular season, the Grizzlies avenged the Timberwolves 116-108, celebrating an 11-game winning streak.

After the game, acting Grizzlies head coach Darko Rajakovic said in an interview: “To be honest, the last time we played against this team (the Grizzlies beat the Timberwolves 95-138 in mid-November), they It blew us up. We didn’t have enough energy or focus in that game. It had nothing to do with our record, their record. We just wanted to go out there and try to get a game back.”

Speaking of Edwards’ performance: “He took some tough shots, good guys are going to make those shots. But our team came together and they missed some good shots in the end, and that was enough for us to win. .”

The Grizzlies currently have an 11-game winning streak of 30 wins and 14 losses, temporarily ranking third in the Western Conference.