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Fun Facts About Vietnam Women’s Team Captain Huynh Nhu

27 May 2022 | 15:46 | News

The women’s football final of the 31st Southeast Asian Games has just ended, with Vietnam’s victory over Thailand. This is the second time in a row that the girls of Coach McDermott have done so. The biggest contributor was captain Huynh Nhu (born in 1991, Cha Rong) who scored a goal in the 59th minute, and she is currently the most mentioned name on the social network, with an impressive performance. This is the seventh gold medal of the Vietnamese women’s football team at the Southeast Asian Games. Personally, Huynh Nhu took home his third gold medal on this stage. Photo: Yellow River.

At the age of 31, Huynh Nhu has an extraordinary personal record. She is the number one striker of the Vietnamese women’s football team and currently plays for the Ho Chi Minh City Women’s Club. Despite his modest physique, Huang Ren is highly regarded by experts for his smart play, speed and good technique. The Vietnam captain scored 2 goals in the 2022 Asian Cup and helped the home team win tickets to the 2023 World Cup. In addition to being on the playground of the SEA Games, she also won the 2019 AFC Women’s Cup and the 2016 AFC Women’s Cup with her teammates. runner up. , the female striker won her third consecutive Ballon d’Or. Photo: Y Kien.

Huynh Nhu loved the ball from a young age and soon showed his talent. However, at the age of 16, in her 10th grade, she was discovered by scouts and fell in love with professional football. Since then, Huynh Nhu has cycled nearly 20 kilometers a day from his home to the football field. When she was introduced by her coach to the Ho Chi Minh City club to continue her Year 12 practice, the female striker accepted to run away from home and travel from the countryside to the city alone. Fortunately for Huynh Nhu, her dream has always been supported by her family. Photo: Quynh Trang.

Besides playing football, Huynh Nhu studied sports at Ho Chi Minh City University of Education. In an online exchange with Zing readers after winning the gold medal at the 30th Southeast Asian Games, the Vietnamese team captain came across as feminine, lovable and sincere. She revealed that she once had a boyfriend, but the two could not love each other. “There were no phone calls back then, just letters back and forth. It’s been that way for 4 years. But after that, I went to practice, played a lot of football, and didn’t have time for personal matters. That man has a wife and kids now. Now, nothing , only love for football and teammates,” Huang Niu shared. Photo: Quynh Trang.

Huynh Nhu said that if she no longer plays football in the future, the teachers of the coaching staff will create conditions for her to stay in the sports center. If not, she will open a fashion boutique. Photo: FBNV.

Huynh Nhu especially likes music. In her personal luggage, she always carries a ukulele to keep her company after hours of intense training and competition. In real life, female players pursue dynamic and individual fashion styles. Photo: FBNV.