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Chris Bryant: ‘What John Terry said about Abramovich was horrible’

04 Mar 2022 | 13:06 | Football

 John Terry paid tribute to his former boss on Twitter after Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich announced his plans to sell Chelsea after 19 years.

Chelsea’s beautiful goals

John Terry’s tribute to Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich was seen as a “horrible” thing for Labor MP Chris Bryant.

The former England captain posted a picture of himself holding the Premier League trophy next to Abramovich with the caption: “The best.”

Bryant responded to the post: This is horrible. I think John Terry, you should remove this post ASAP. Ukrainians are being bombed, shelled and killed while you praise Abramovich.”


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 Terry stuck with Chelsea’s most successful period.

Speaking in the House of Commons on Thursday, Bryant said: “Some of us are worried about why we don’t continue to sanction individuals. To me, the fact that Roman Abramovich has not been sanctioned is that It’s a mystery. The government also knows he’s involved in illegal activities, that’s why they discourage him from coming to the UK.”

“I don’t know why the UK has yet to seize a yacht, an apartment or a property of any kind, when countries in Europe can.

“Finally, I wonder if Conservative MP Nadine Dorries would condemn John Terry today. I don’t know if she saw this, but today he posted a photo. with Roman Abramovich, one of Putin’s friends. Will the Ukrainian people think of the former England captain?”