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Barca faced a painful problem before the match against Napoli

24 Feb 2022 | 09:58 | Football

 On the eve of the rematch with Napoli in the Europa League, Barcelona faces a painful problem.

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Barcelona head to Napoli at dawn tomorrow morning in the Europa League. The Catalan giants know that, one way or another, they need to win amid a 1-1 draw at the Nou Camp.

They need to go to Italy and score goals, which is a problem that seems unthinkable given the way Barca played in previous years. The Blaugrana have lost their effectiveness in front of goal and going out into Europe this season they have only scored three goals in seven games, one of which was a penalty.
Barca faced a painful problem before the match against Napoli - Football

 Barca had a problem with scoring when stepping out into Europe.

Their struggles in scoring on the European stage can be traced back to last season when they only scored twice in their last three matches. The departure of Lionel Messi and Antoine Griezmann made everything even more difficult, especially when the Nou Camp team entered the big confrontation.


Since Xavi’s arrival, the overall playstyle of the team has improved, but they still lack killer touches. They especially wasted a series of opportunities in front of goal, which pushed Barca down to play in the Europa League this season and are likely to knock them out of the tournament by a difficult Napoli. 

In the first leg against Napoli, they had 35 shots, but only 8 shots were on target. Their only goal came from a penalty from Ferran Torres, who was heavily criticized for his unusual “wooden leg”. Torres himself also feels regret and regret for his ability to take advantage of the opportunity.

Part of the problem for the Catalan side is consistency. NHM has witnessed Barca hit Valencia with 4 goals. The team has the potential to score and be ruthless, but they don’t do it often enough.
Barca faced a painful problem before the match against Napoli - Football

 Barca only scored 1 goal against Napoli despite having many opportunities.

Since the winter transfer window, however, Xavi has a flurry of new weapons to add some much-needed firepower to the forwards with the arrivals of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Ferran Torres and Adama Traore. Pedri has also made a big leap in the area of ​​goal threat. 

Barca need more time to prove to all that taking advantage of scoring opportunities will no longer be a problem for them. In the immediate future, there is a battle against Napoli on an away land, the match promises to be difficult but will bring an effective test to evaluate Barca’s attack.