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Arsenal revive by avoiding MU fall

17 Aug 2022 | 18:04 | News

Arsenal and Manchester United made many of the same mistakes after two legendary managers. However, while MU is still struggling, the opponent from London has shown many signs of optimism. A patient trust in manager Mikel Arteta, along with a transfer strategy that targets young players and fits the team, will help Arsenal return in the long run.

    Only Arsenal and Manchester City are the two teams to have won in the Premier League since the start of the season. Photo: Reuters.

Only Arsenal and Manchester City are the two teams to have won in the Premier League since the start of the season. Photo: Reuters.


Arsenal fans must have been a little scared when they saw MU lose 4-0 to Brentford last weekend. They will also think to themselves that their team is lucky not to be in that situation. Just a year ago, Arsenal also lost to Brentford Stadium on the opening day of the 2021/22 Premier League season. A month later, a gloomy atmosphere pervaded Arsenal, with Arteta’s side having lost all three of their Premier League games.

At the time, Arsenal were at the bottom of the table with a gap of -9 and didn’t even score a goal. Arteta’s future is in doubt, with Arsenal fans wondering how bad the Gunners are, nearly five years after Wenger left the club? Fortunately, just a year later, Arsenal are showing signs of getting back on track.

The Emirates Stadium and Manchester City lead the 2022/23 Premier League table with a record of two round wins. Of course, it’s too early to talk about Arsenal returning to where they once were. The season is still long and the Premier League games are not very clear. However, Arsenal’s excellent performance in the first two rounds reflects the right strategy of the club’s leadership.

One of Arsenal’s key adjustments, under manager Arteta and technical director Edugaspa, has been in the club’s atmosphere and culture. Arteta recalled that Arsenal’s culture and traditional values ​​were “almost shattered” after Wenger left.

Order in the team must also be restored. “The first thing is I get everyone, the staff and the players together and tell them what I think and explain why things need to change,” Arteta shared on Facebook. sports“We must create a work environment where people must first respect each other, unite and demonstrate faith.”

It wasn’t easy for Arteta and Edu in the beginning. A period in charge of manager Unai Emery, signing specialist Sven Mislintat or director of football Raul Sanllehi has created many problems for Arsenal. The three roles mentioned above were expected to take over from Wenger in 2018, but they failed, partly throwing Arsenal into disarray.

Arsenal boss Stan Kroenke realised this and replaced them with two former club players Arteta and Edu. Arteta and Edu have had a tough decision on Mesut Ozil or Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang since their return. How Arteta handles the future of Ozil and Aubameyang has sparked a lot of controversy. To this day, the Spanish strategist is rightly pushing the two “rotten apples” in the team’s locker room.

If MU wants Erik Ten Hag to succeed, their support for the new coach cannot be shaken. The Arsenal boss is 100% committed to Arteta and Edu retooling the squad. Recent news that the Glazers don’t want Ten Haag to let Cristiano Ronaldo go, as the brand reflects on MU’s problems. “Ten Haag should not go to a club that is mainly business,” Louis van Gaal warned in March. “MU is such a business club”.

Patience has helped Arsenal take less time to come back than MU. Arteta and Edu have a clear vision for Arsenal’s player purchases. They cannot rush into big transfers to compete with Manchester City, Chelsea, Paris Saint-Germain or Real Madrid. Arsenal have invested in a young squad and are waiting for these players to improve.

    Buying the right players and looking to the future could help Arsenal return.

Buying the right players and looking to the future could help Arsenal return.

transfer strategy

In the summer of 2021, Arsenal will buy five new recruits, all under the age of 23. Things aren’t easy for the “Gunman”. They are out of breath for their immaturity and depth of strength in the season-ending race for the top four in the Premier League. But as manager Arsene Wenger once said: “If you use the mistakes of young players, you have to be willing to accept them”. There are no free meals and Arsenal understand what they want.

Another important point is that Arsenal are not buying players just for Arteta’s liking. Technical Director Edu and many other members of the club leadership play an important role. “Of course I would never buy a player without discussing it with Arteta,” Edu said in July. It’s a power-sharing that helps Arsenal avoid a “break-and-build” situation when changing managers.

Earlier this month, manager Julian Nagelsmann said he agreed that “clubs should have the final say on transfers”. “In general, players tend to stay in the team longer than the coach,” said the Bayern captain. “That’s why it’s better for clubs to buy players they see fit and let the manager handle it.”

Arsenal are clearly going the way of Bayern. Players like Martin Odegaard or Gabriel Jesus are young and will remain valuable assets for Arsenal even if Arteta leaves the club in the coming years.

When MU recruited Tyrell Malacia, Lisandro Martinez and Christian Eriksen this summer, it felt like they were just following the “wish” of the Ten Witch. This is not necessarily wrong, but it shows that the “Red Devils” lack the coach’s advisory team. Ten Haag has never been the kind of strategist who decides everything on his own in the transfer market. And when he needs to buy players urgently, the coach will only contact the stars he knows and understands.

If Arsenal are successful under Arteta, it will take them less than five years to get back on track after Wenger left in 2018. Meanwhile, United have regressed almost a decade since Sir Alex retired.

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