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4 European teams not in debt

04 Jun 2022 | 16:01 | News

Manchester City One of the most financially promising teams in Europe. “Citizens” not only has no debt, but is also rated as the most profitable team Deloitte Football Fortune League March 2022.

Deloitte statistics show that the Etihad Stadium team’s revenue was 644.9 million euros. Having no debt helps City shop comfortably without fear of violating financial fair play laws.

ChelseaA few months ago, he was also on the list of the most indebted teams in Europe. However, billionaire Roman Abramovich has decided to write off the team’s £1.6bn debt. He also transferred “Blues” to a new owner.

Todd Boehly and Clearlake Corporation have acquired the entire team at Stamford Bridge. The Chelsea homepage confirms that the £4.25bn deal has been completed. The new owners have pledged to invest a further £1.75bn to upgrade Chelsea’s infrastructure.

these years, Paris Saint-Germain Dominate the transfer market better than Manchester City, but they are never in danger of being fined. Even though they managed to recruit Lionel Messi and a string of expensive rookies in the summer of 2021, they still managed to keep Mbappe.

The Prince of Qatar has injected funds directly into Paris Saint-Germain in a number of ways. They’ve never had a big problem with financial fair play. Paris Saint-Germain has all but emerged from the financial crisis that is spreading across European football.

Leicester City Just a pretty average Premier League team. However, thanks to the proper policies of the owners, they have remained sustainable. The Foxes are among the top 15 highest-paid teams in Europe.

To this end, Leicester City have developed a sensible transfer plan. They buy potential players cheaply and sell them expensively. Harry Maguire is a good example.

Contrary to the four teams mentioned above, Barcelona Financial balance is really difficult. They are saddled with a debt of 1.35 billion euros, the highest in Europe. President Joan Laporta is dealing with the fallout from her predecessor. The Catalan club are considering selling Frenkie de Jong this summer.

Among the top 5 most indebted teams in Europe, there are Juventus (€900 million), Tottenham Hotspur (826 million euros), Inter Milan (€702 million) and AC Milan (€666 million). Manchester Unitedd still owes more than 500 million euros. Their payroll fund grew by more than 19.5% from a year earlier. “Red Devils” should consume rationally next time they shop.

Messi: Italy is crazy for not participating in the World Cup Before the 1.45am game against Italy on June 2 (Hanoi time), the Argentine captain expressed regret that his Paris Saint-Germain teammates were not able to attend the 2022 World Cup.