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2022 Ha Tinh Pao Open Club Table Tennis Tournament a Complete Success

22 Jul 2022 | 17:13 | News

After 2.5 days of exciting competition (from the afternoon of July 15th to the end of July 17th), the 3rd Ha Tinh Press Open Club Table Tennis Tournament in 2022 was a complete success both professionally and professionally. Over 400 games are exciting and engaging.

More than 200 athletes from 26 clubs participated in 6 events (men’s singles, women’s singles, men’s doubles, women’s doubles, mixed doubles, team), divided into 3 age groups (under 35, over 35), 55 56 years and older). This is the season with the largest number of participating clubs and athletes ever.

Immediately after the game, the organizers made a summary and presented medals to the clubs and athletes. The ceremony was attended by He Wenxiong, Minister of the Propaganda Department of the Provincial Party Committee, and leaders of various departments, branches and units.

On the afternoon of the third day of the competition, the Table Tennis Open Club Sai Ha Jing Pao played in the team. After fierce competition, the four strongest teams in this tournament entered the semi-finals. The first semi-final was the showdown between Yixuan Table Tennis Club (right) and Provincial Police Table Tennis Club.

Despite playing hard, the players of Yixuan Table Tennis Club lost the game 3-1 in front of strong opponents.

The other semi-final will be between Deoksu Table Tennis Club (right) and Formosa Table Tennis Club.

The players of the Formosa Table Tennis Club ended up losing 3-0 before their opponents were considered the main candidates for the championship.

The final between the Provincial Police Table Tennis Club (left) and Deokshou Table Tennis Club.

Both teams gave the audience a thrilling, dramatic ball. Despite their determination, the Provincial Police Table Tennis Club lost 2-3 to Deokshou Table Tennis Club.

The club attended the closing ceremony and presented awards.

BTC awarded athletes 15 gold medals, 15 silver medals and 30 bronze medals; Deokshou Table Tennis Club won the first prize, Ha Tinh Police Table Tennis Club won the second prize, and Taiwan He Yi Xuan Table Tennis Club won the third prize; The first prize of the group was awarded to Hong Phuc Aluminium and Glass Table Tennis Club, the second prize of the whole group was awarded to Duc Tho, and the third prize was awarded to Nhat Long Table Tennis Club.

Dinh Nhat – Ngoc Thang