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1 gold medal in Ho Chi Minh City at the 31st Southeast Asian Games 52 million

07 Jun 2022 | 16:10 | News

At the 31st Southeast Asian Games, the Vietnamese sports delegation won a total of 205 gold medals, 116 silver medals and 136 bronze medals, of which Ho Chi Minh City athletes contributed 42 gold medals, 36 silver medals and 25 bronze medals, exceeding the set goal of 15 gold medal.

Ho Chi Minh City was one of the two teams that contributed the most gold medals at the 31st Southeast Asian Games, second only to Hanoi, with a total of 62 gold medals by the Vietnamese sports delegation. In a public celebration held today (June 3), Ho Chi Minh City announced that the award levels for the city athletes who won the medals are VND 52 million for gold, VND 29 million for silver and VND 23 million for bronze.

Vice Chairman of the Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee Yang Anh Duc speaks at a ceremony celebrating the 31st Southeast Asian Games.

In addition, the athletes who broke the conference record received an additional VND 23 million. As a general rule, the athlete who wins the gold medal will receive 12 million per month until the next SEA Games (each SEA Games counts for 2 years).

In this commendation, the Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee decided to award certificates to 208 coaches and athletes, including 164 athletes and 44 experts and coaches. The state budget bonus is VND 11 billion, and the donors are VND 6 billion in cash and VND 1 billion in product gifts.

Below are photos of a series of ceremonies held to celebrate and reward athletes and coaches who have achieved outstanding results in the 31st SEA Games in Ho Chi Minh City:

Athletes lay flowers at Uncle Ho’s monument.

Ho Chi Minh City athletes and coaches at the ceremony to celebrate their achievements.

Ho Chi Minh City athletes and coaches receive awards.

Family – Photo: ANH PHUONG